Success Stories


April Anacleto

April Anacleto knew in high school that she wanted to be a hair stylist, so after graduation she started cosmetology school. The school offered a program to study business, leading to a business certificate. Even though April hadn't thought about business before, she loved it. Since she wanted to open her own salon, she started in the Business Program after working as a stylist with a goal of getting a bachelor's degree. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from San Jose State with a bachelor's in business administration with a marketing concentration in Spring 2018. April says she was really excited when starting in Cabrillo College's Business Program because she immediately could talk with a counselor about transferring to San Jose State.

The counselors were awesome and helped create a road map. I never took a class that I didn't need. And all of the professors are very knowledgeable – bringing real world experience, not just theory.

April uses every aspect of what she learned about business every day as a self-employed hair stylist. She is working toward opening her own salon. "The Business Program made me feel more confident and set me up for success."


Ethan Clarke

Ethan Clarke found his career path while taking courses in the Business and Accounting Programs. When he first began at Cabrillo College four years ago, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do in the future and didn't have much direction. He settled on a business major as he had been working as a store manager and sales associate where he became familiar with business transactions, customer service, and inventory. All of that seemed to fit his personality, he says.

"The first business course he took "clicked in a way that other previous classes didn't," says Ethan. His instructor, Terry Mullin "lit a fire under me so I could be the best that I could be. I credit Terry for being there for me and motivating me to stay with business."

He learned that business was right up his alley, is succeeding in his courses, and Ethan is now in the process of applying to a four-year college, with his ultimate goal to get a Master's degree. It's an exciting time, according to Ethan.

"There are just so many opportunities and new industries that it makes business an enticing career to pursue."

Isabel Sandoval

These were the first business classes I have ever taken. I had been thinking of starting my own business together with my husband, and we had been working towards that.

I remember after the very first day of class I told my husband, "we do NOT have a business! I don't know what we have been doing this year, but it hasn't been business!"

These classes were extremely informative and helped me truly understand what is needed to take an idea from thought to process. I'm extremely grateful for Ron and Cabrillo for offering these essential courses. We have hit the ground running in our business and are using everything we learned and are already seeing progress.


Mariem Loubani

Mariem Loubani originally started in accounting with the goal of getting an A.S. She had experience with accounting in Morocco and thought she'd become a bookkeeper here. At the time she feared that other students would be better than her or that she'd be challenged to learn due to English being her second language. What she learned is that she did great in the classroom. She realized "I can do this. I can compete with others."

Mariem went to a counselor the next semester to start her work on an A.A. and transferring to a four-year college. She was very clear on what she wanted.

"The teachers were great, helping me right away. There are lots of resources in the business program and great instructors."

While pregnant with her son and afterward, she took online courses to continue to work toward her goal. "Online courses are an advantage for moms and others who can't get to campus," says Mariem.

Even with challenges such as English being her second language, needing to work while going to school, and becoming a parent, Mariem graduated with her A.A. and then went on to get a Bachelor's degree from CSUMB in business administration with an accounting concentration. She now works as a corporate accountant, feeling very prepared from her time in the business program.