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Cabrillo Bridge Program

High School seniors and new Cabrillo students can get a head start on their college experience by joining the Cabrillo Bridge program. The Cabrillo Bridge Program offers students a pathway to successfully transition into college, build their college skills, learn how to be successful in a college environment, and receive support along the way!

Cabrillo Bridge Program Mission

Our mission is to connect & support High School seniors and freshman Cabrillo students but getting them into structured College & Career Pathways. We also strive to provide mentoring and student support experiences that will accelerate completion of college degrees and transfer to four-year universities. Through our partnership with Cabrillo Dual Enrollment we are able to help high school seniors earn college credits, learn skill, and become empowerd college students.

Cabrillo Bridge Program History

The Cabrillo Bridge program begain in 2021 as a way to provide structured student support and academic pathways to students as they navigated the new world of college online. We sought to continue the long standing vision of Learning Communities to provide a college community, structure, guidance, and the oppourtunities for student to explore and grow.

Bridge 3 semester pathway

These are the courses included in the Bridge transition pathway. Students can start in spring as dual enrollment high school seniors or in the summer/fall as Cabrillo freshman. All courses are taught in person at the Watsonville Cabrillo campus.

Spring-For High School Seniors

  • CG-1 College Sucess

Integrates personal growth, learning techniques, problem-solving, and critical and creative thinking to enhance academic and career success. Topics include self-evaluation and assessment, goal setting, career decision-making, educational planning, time and financial management, instructor-student relationships, college culture and expectations, diversity and inclusion, healthy lifestyle, stress management, campus resources, learning styles and strategies, note-taking, test-taking, memory, and concentration.


  • Orientation Course

Learn specific strategies & resources to promote academic success. Focuses on college preparation, skill building, learning Canvas, picking classes for fall, and learning about the college process. Introduces Cabrillo support services and prepares students for their fall courses.


  • DMCP 401-DUAL (One week oriantation)

  • English 1A-CBP01

  • English 101A-CBP01

  • Library 10 - CBP01

  • Additional classes for students individual pathway

How to join

Any high school senior or fall Cabrillo freshman can join Cabrillo Bridge Program! Students who are interested in the program must complete the following steps

  1. Submit a Cabrillo College application for the semester you want to join

  2. Fill out the Cabrillo Bridge Program Application

    If you are a high school senior starting in the spring you will also need to

  3. Complete the Dual Enrollment eForm listing the Cabrillo Bridge Program

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