Get a head start on your college experience!
Cabrillo Bridge Program

Cabrillo Bridge Program

High School seniors and new Cabrillo students can get a head start on their college experience by joining the Cabrillo Bridge program. The Cabrillo Bridge Program offers students a pathway to successfully transition into college, build their college skills, learn how to be successful in a college environment, and receive support along the way!

3 or 2 semester pathway- Students can start in spring or summer


  • DMCP 411 Introduction to team/self management

Focuses on college preparation, skill building, learning Canvas, picking classes for fall, and learning about the college process.


  • DMCP 401 The Foundation Course

Learn specific strategies & resources to promote academic success. Introduces Cabrillo support services and prepares students for their fall courses.


  • English 1A+ (combined English 1A & English 101A)

  • Library 10

  • CG 51

  • DMCP 20: Social Justice Issues (research skills course)

  • Additional classes for students individual pathway

How to join

Any high school senior can join Cabrillo Bridge Program! Students who are interested in the program must complete the following steps

  1. Submitt a Cabrillo College application for spring 2022 start or summer 2022 start

  2. Fill out the Cabrillo Bridge Program Application

  3. Complete the Dual Enrollment eForm (if starting in spring) listing the Cabrillo Bridge Program

  4. Agree to register for the classes in the program pathway.

Cabrillo Bridge Program
More information contact us at or (831) 477-3340