Cabrillo Gallery

12 x 12 (x 12)

An Open Invitational

November 2–December 11, 2020
View the online gallery here!

Cabrillo Gallery's annual 12 x 12 Open Invitational is a celebration of the diversity and generosity of our bountiful creative community of students, artists, and educators. For this exhibition, we put out an open call to all California artists to display their artwork, offering a truly democratic and inclusive arena for creative individuals to express their unique vision, each through their chosen artistic discipline and media. The range of work in our online-only exhibition gallery this year reveals the freedom that art has to speak in many voices. The 12"x 12" format is limited by size, but unlimited in possibilities, and it is often a springboard for artists to experiment with new forms of expression.

Each and every artist who participates in our 12 x 12 fundraiser lends their support to us by contributing to a much-needed funding resource for our gallery. These contributions help us provide the kind of high-quality exhibitions and educational programming we are proud to offer to our community year after year. We would like to extend our extreme gratitude to all who have generously participated in the 12 x 12 exhibition this year and in past years. We can't begin to tell you how much your whole-hearted support through the years means to us.

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