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Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab

What is this class?

  • ART 50L is .5 unit credit course that is a self-paced, independent study lab.
  • ART 50L is a hybrid lab co-requisite, to be taken with a beginning level Art Studio or Art Photography course you are enrolled in.
  • There are no class meetings; all course work is done independently, on your own time.
  • All course information is accessed in CANVAS, where course work is also submitted.
  • This course must be successfully completed once with a Pass grade.

What kind of work will you do for this course?

For ART 50L, you will view art in online galleries, museums, and other approved art viewing venues, or in person. You will also view online art lectures and/or art related documentary films. After each viewing, you will create a report by answering a series of questions.

You will do 12 reports total:

  • 2 Lectures and/or Documentary Film Viewing Reports
  • 10 Artwork Viewing Reports

You will turn in your completed reports in CANVAS.

Instructions to get started in this course

1. Register:

Need to enroll in ART 50L Gallery Viewing Lab?
Which section should you register for?
  • Note: Enroll in one section of Art 50L only, even if you take two or more art classes in one semester for which ART 50L is the hybrid-requisite.
  • The first section of this course is closed for registration on the first day of the semester.
  • After the semester has begun, just sign up for any one of the other three sections offered in WebAdvisor.
  • Please note: ALL sections are immediately accessible to students from the beginning of the semester. (You can ignore the listed start date in WebAdvisor).
Do you need an add code?
  • No add permissions needed, unless you are a concurrently enrolled high school student. If so, contact instructor for an add permission.
Having problems registering?

2. Access the Course in Canvas

CANVAS is Cabrillo's online learning platform where the Art 50L course materials are located.

  • Once you have enrolled in the course you will have access to the Art 50L CANVAS page, but it may take several hours after you register before your CANVAS login access for the course is activated.
  • Use the same login you use for WebAdvisor to log into CANVAS.
  • If you have problems with CANVAS, please see the CANVAS Student Guide.
  • If you still need help, contact the CTC (Computer Technology Center). They are fantastically helpful! Email: Phone: 831-477-5286 or 831-786-4703
  • Live support is also available via Zoom. Visit the CTC website for a detailed schedule of when they are online.
  • Canvas Hotline after hours help, available anytime after 5pm and on weekends! Phone: 1-877-982-1780. 
  • Once you are in Canvas, you can click the "Help" icon on the left-menu for a variety of options.

3. Review all course modules.

  • When you log into CANVAS and click on the ART 50L link, you will be taken to the Course HOME page.
  • On the HOME page, your instructor has provided the information you will need to get started. 
  • From there you will navigate through the Course Modules in CANVAS to find all the information you need to do the course work properly.


Have any questions about ART 50L? We are always happy to help!

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