Cabrillo Gallery

Who We Are: Portraying Identity

Juried by Pauli Ochi of Ochi Projects, Los Angeles
March 7–April 8, 2022

Each of us is a mix of many things. Identity is gloriously layered, multifaceted and built upon a confoundingly complex spectrum of factors, some that we are born with, some that are impacted by external variables and some that evolve and change with us over time. The portrayal of who we are can focus on a single, significant aspect of our identity or can reflect an entire network of associations shaped by broader spheres of influence: our connections to familial, social, ethnic, cultural or other groups; our personal or family history; our geographical, economic or social circumstances; our political or spiritual belief systems; our jobs, our lifestyles or our personal interests; and so much more.

How does someone represent their identity? When you look inward and ask, "Who am I?" or look outward to your community and ask, "Who are we?" what do you see, and how would you portray it?

For this exhibition, Cabrillo Gallery invited artists from all over the country to submit their artworks on the theme of identity, offering their perspectives on the vast continuum of what it is to be human. From these offerings, Juror Pauli Ochi selected the artworks included in this thoughtful and moving exhibition.

Pauli Ochi grew up in her family's gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. After studying art history and art business she worked in New York before founding Ochi Projects in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California in 2015. OCHI is a contemporary art gallery that supports and contextualizes a diverse roster of artists with experimental and emerging practices as they investigate the conceptual and material boundaries of art.

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