Clinical Compliance Managed By Student Health Services

Clinical Revolving Student Deadlines

Items Due Each Semester:

Compliance Fee: compliance fees are due 4 times (minimum). If you drop out of a program and are able to re-enter, you may be required to pay more than 4 compliance fees.

  • The semester prior to entry: pays for your first semester.
  • First semester: pays for your second semester.
  • Second semester: pays for your third semester.
  • Third semester: pays for your fourth semester.
  • Fourth semester: NO FEE REQUIRED

Items Due Every Year:

  • TB Screening: Students are required to have annual TB screening (either PPD testing or completion of a TB Screening Questionnaire depending on your history with regard to PPD testing).
  • Clinical Orientation Modules (COMs): Students are required to complete online courses and obtain certification of successful completion of these clinical modules every year: once prior to entry into the program and another time before the student's second year
  • Drug Screen: Students are required to complete drug testing through Quest Laboratories annually. Drug screens are purchased through Castle Branch and codes to pay for these tests are obtained through the Clinical Compliance Orientation Sessions. Not all Quest labs perform testing for Cabrillo College Allied Health. Students should call the lab ahead of time to ensure the lab will be able to accommodate them. Drug screens are obtained prior to entry into the program and prior to the student's second year.
  • Flu Shot: Students need to obtain an annual seasonal flu shot before October 1 of each year. Students without annual seasonal flu shots will be required to wear masks in ALL clinical settings from October 1-April 1 in order to protect patients from the flu.
  • Mask Fit Testing (for RN STUDENTS ONLY): Nursing students need to have mask fit testing once prior to entry into the program and then once after their second semester. Times and dates for mask fit testing will be provided to students through their program.

Items Due Every Two years:

  • CPR (AHA BLS FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS): Students are required to obtain CPR certification prior to entry into their program and maintain compliance by renewing this certification every two years.

Additional Resources:

Student working with an xray machine
Student and instructor practicing patient care in a hospital bed
Students standing on the clinic stairs