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Computer Information Systems


For Students

  • Depending on your schedule and availability for school, most students can complete a certificate in 2-3 semesters of course work. We encourage you to pace yourself for academic and professional success, and not to enroll in too many courses in any one semester on top of family, work, and other life responsibilities. For students who want to get an Associate's degree or a Bachelor's degree, we highly recommend starting to take the required English (including ESL, if relevant) and Math sequences at the college.

  • Non-credit Certificate of Completion - Cabrillo College CIS is excited to offer the opportunity for community members to achieve the Google IT Support certificate as tuition-free courses to advance career and life skills. This program is a great way to get started towards a career in IT. The courses required are:

    • CIS470A - Google IT Support, Part A

    • CIS470B - Google IT Support, Part B

You can find some of the IT Service Management and Tech Support associations listed on our resources page.

  • Yes. Any of our credit courses can be taken as a part time student. Many are offered in the late afternoon/evening and are offered as HyFlex which allows students to work online or in-person. Some are fully on-line courses. Also, our non-credit self-paced courses are a great way to start your career in Tech.

  • The Google IT Support Cert and IT Institute are great ways to get a start as well.

Both certificates provide students with the skills essential for the field of Computer Network and System Admin and Customer Support.

Cabrillo currently offers Computer Support Associate in Science and Information Technology Associate in Science and many of the classes have overlapping requirements making it very possible to obtain both degrees. It generally takes 4 semesters to complete the coursework for these degrees.

Cabrillo offers several certifications you can obtain while working towards your degree such as Computer Networking and System Administration Certificate of Achievement, Cybersecurity Skills Certificate, Computer Support Technician 1 Skills Certificate. Here is a complete list of certifications Cabrillo offers in CIS.

For Employers

Your employees will find value in updating expertise by taking Cabrillo CIS courses or by obtaining the Skills Certificate or Certificate of Achievement. As a local employer you have access to a valued program that quickly and affordably provides additional training to your employees.

  • Students who gain a degree or certificate through Cabrillo College leave with the skills and job training essential for the field of information technology..

  • They are ready to work! Students attain essential skills in information technology, networking and cybersecurity. They learn from faculty who have both teaching experience combined with real-world experience in industry.

  • By joining forces with us, you can actively contribute to the development of a skilled workforce that meets your future needs. We envision our industry partners playing a vital role in various aspects of the program, including program outreach at key events, providing speakers with real-world experience to address our students, creating internships or establishing an employment pipeline, and assisting in the ongoing development of our curriculum.

  • At Cabrillo College, we understand the importance of aligning our programs with the demands of the industry to ensure our students are well-prepared for the workforce. That's why we prioritize close collaboration with business and community partners. To facilitate this collaboration, each of our programs has an Advisory Committee that acts as a crucial link between the industry and the program.

  • If you're looking to hire, we encourage you to post job and internship opportunities at the Cabrillo College Employment & Internship Office. Our office works closely with employers to ensure these opportunities are shared through various outreach channels and directly in the classroom.