Construction and Energy Management

Success Stories


Anthony M

Anthony chose the CEM program because he has been working rigorously in the HVAC industry for five years. Now he aspires to start his own business or work in a high management position.

He never thought college was for him, but one day he opened up a course catalog Cabrillo had mailed to see what they offered. He found it interesting that they offered a program in construction and energy management and decided to look into it further.

“Here I am now, three semesters in. I'm a full time employee, a full time student, and a father of two girls.”

Anthony is grateful for the opportunity, saying "I have learned so much from the professors. It has been amazing to learn so much from these people who have such an abundance of first hand professional knowledge."


Stacie B

Stacie, who is now a Home Energy Rating Systems Rater, hit a rough patch when getting divorced and her mother passing away. She went on unemployment for the first time in her life. She remembers getting her first check, and included was a flyer about the opportunity to go on Fast Track to Work.

“I knew that this was at Cabrillo," says Stacie.

Her instructor remembers Stacie as being very motivated by the training provided by CEM in 2009.

Stacie received a $10,000 scholarship that really helped her financially and put her on a path for success.

"I will be in demand until I'm 75 years old… this is the future," Stacie says happily.