A Pathway to Complete Your Goal

Program Maps

What are Program Maps?

A planning tool that gives you an example of one possible pathway to complete a program within four semesters.

Important Notes:
  • The courses presented on the Program Maps are an example and may or may not be appropriate depending on your educational goal.

  • See an Academic Counselor to develop an education plan specific to your goal.

  • Program Maps are not a guarantee of course availability or financial aid applicability.

To help define your path:
  • Program Maps are listed by Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs).

  • CAPs organize academic disciplines into clusters of complimentary majors to create a community of like-minded students.

  • Graduates in all CAPs may work independently, for the government, nonprofit organizations or for private sector businesses.

Select the CAP that describes your interests:

Creative Arts & Design

Explore creativity, self-expression and the role of the arts throughout history to affirm the complexities and wonder of life. Learn job skills ideal for a career in the performing arts, digital media, design and studio arts.

Entrepreneurship & Business

Study finance and business management to help businesses run smoothly and be successful. Learn job skills ideal for all kinds of businesses in many fields including: building and construction management, culinary arts, digital publishing, energy management, horticulture, music technology or welding.

Global & Human Studies

Explore cultures, people and their activities in order to solve problems, improve the quality of life for others, understand the past, and create innovative approaches to the future. Learn job skills ideal for a career in fields related to social justice, public policy, private counseling or social work.

Health & Public Service

Study human physiology, medical and dental care, our legal system and fire technology to keep people healthy, safe, and protected. Learn skills ideal for a career in many fields such as private and public healthcare, civil service, and first responders.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Study life on earth and the physical world from a scientific perspective, deepening our understanding of what exists, how it has changed over time and how to help it thrive. Learn skills ideal for a career in fields such as environmental policy, engineering, medicine, field and laboratory science.