Cabrillo Curriculum

Committee Members

Curriculum Contacts
  • Instruction Office contacts:
  • Curriculum Committee Chair:

    Jennifer Cass

  • Technical Review:

    Content Review Chair: Lisa Meyer, Math

    Program Review: Cheryl Chaffin, English

    Distance Ed Review: Joy Polanco O'Neil

    Library/Textbooks: Aloha Sargent, Library

    SLO Review: Jennifer Cass, Math

  • 2022- 2023 Curriculum Committee
    Voting Members:
    • Chair: Jennifer Cass

    • Articulation Director: Carolyn Jackson

    • Counseling Rep: Barbara Schultz-Perez

    • Library Rep: Aloha Sargent

    • BELA Division Rep: Victor Prieto, World Languages

    • HASS Division Rep: Rebecca Smith, Philosophy

    • HAWK Division Rep: Anya Salden, Radiology Technology

    • NAS Division: Brad Krein, Math

    • VAPA Division: Naoki Taniguchi, Music

  • Guests, Staff, and Administrators:

    Interim VPI: Robin McFarland

    Curriculum and Scheduling Analysts: Ashley Carniglia, Jessica Carroll, Sarah Doub

    Instruction Office Staff: Jenna Whaley Coura

    Division Instructional Deans/Associate Deans:

    • VAPA Division: John Graulty

    • BELA Division: John Escobedo

    • NAS Division: Dave Reynolds

    • HASS Division: Paul Harvell

    • HAWK Division: Heidi Weber

    • CTE Dean: Annabelle Rodriguez