Cabrillo Curriculum


Upcoming Curriculum Committee Meeting Dates:

Fall 2023 Semester Dates

Wednesdays, 3:00-5:00 p.m., TLC1096 and Zoom

FLEX Week - August 23

August 30 (Extra meeting if needed)

September 13

September 27

October 11

October 25

November 8

November 29

December 13 (Final's Week, 2nd reads only)

The Curriculum Cycle:

The curriculum process at Cabrillo is robust and ongoing in response to changes in student needs, industry, technology, and state compliance requirements. All curriculum proposals submitted by faculty are reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate, the Vice President of Instruction, with final local approval by Cabrillo's Governing Board. Prior to implementation, authorization is required by the State Chancellor's Office.

The Curriculum Committee:

The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate and has the primary responsibility for college curriculum matters. This body reviews, approves, and makes recommendations about all new and modified courses, degrees, and certificates. The Curriculum Committee meets regularly during the year. Attendance is encouraged for those who develop new or modified proposals.

The Curriculum Library:

The curriculum library at Cabrillo is housed in eLumen, which has replaced CurricUnet effective January 2019.

To view a Course Outline of Record (COR), it is recommended to access the eLumen public site (which does not require a log in) or the Cabrillo College Catalog.

If you are a faculty member who needs to log into eLumen to edit courses, propose new courses, or review a workflow, please log in to eLumen. If this is the first time you are logging in, then please contact Jessica Carroll.

Curriculum Committee Members:

2023- 2024 Curriculum Committee

  • Chair: Robin McFarland

  • Articulation Officer: Sabine Arbelbide (interim)

  • Counseling Rep: Barbara Schultz-Perez

  • Library Rep: Aloha Sargent

  • BELA Division Rep: Victor Prieto, World Languages

  • HASS Division Rep: Rebecca Smith, Philosophy

  • HAWK Division Rep: Anya Salden, Radiology Technology

  • NAS Division: Mike Matera, Computer and Information Systems

  • VAPA Division: Naoki Taniguchi, Music

  • Vice President of Instruction: Dr. Travaris Harris

    Curriculum and Scheduling Analysts: Ashley Carniglia, Jessica Carroll, Sarah Doub

  • Instruction Office Specialist: Jenna Whaley Coura

  • Division Instructional Deans/Associate Deans:

    • VAPA Division: John Graulty

    • BELA Division: John Escobedo

    • NAS Division: Dave Reynolds

    • HASS Division: Paul Harvell

    • HAWK Dean: Heidi Weber

    • CTE Dean: Annabelle Rodriguez

  • Technical Reviewers:

    • Content Review Chair: Brad Krein, Math

    • Program Content Review: Cheryl Chaffin, English

    • Distance Ed Review: Joy Polanco O'Neil

    • Library/Textbooks: Aloha Sargent, Library

    • SLO Review: Jennifer Cass