Dental Hygiene Clinic

For Patients

Becoming a Patient

All patients require an initial assessment at which time the clinician reviews the patient's medical and dental health history. An oral health examination is performed and will determine if the patient will need x-rays, and if they are eligible for care in our clinic. Only patients whose care is suitable for teaching purposes are eligible for treatment in the Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Clinic. Some patients may initially qualify for treatment and later may no longer be considered appropriate as teaching cases. If this circumstance occurs, services will be discontinued and the patient will be referred to his/her dentist.

Patient Acceptability

The following are conditions of patient acceptability for treatment in the Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Clinic:

  • Full mouth x-rays taken within the last five (5) years and bite-wings taken within the last two (2) years. They can be taken in our clinic or a copy may be requested from your regular dentist.
  • Free from any medical or dental condition which would make treatment hazardous to patient or operator
  • Oral conditions which are considered acceptable for student learning
  • Patient interest in learning preventive oral hygiene techniques
  • Patient cooperation in keeping scheduled clinic appointments

Clinic faculty reserves the right to refuse or discontinue treatment when indicated.

General Policies

Our goal is to provide quality dental care in an environment that is safe for our patients, visitors, staff, and students. If inappropriate behavior occurs, action will be taken in order to ensure the safety of all concerned. Authorities may be contacted. We reserve the right to refuse treatment.

We cannot provide services outside of the dental hygienists' scope of practice or give second opinions. The Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Clinic scope of dental hygiene care may include: assessment, oral health care instruction and preventive education, nutritional counseling/caries assessment, digital radiographs, prophylaxis, quadrant scaling and root planing, soft tissue curettage, local anesthesia, nitrous oxide-oxygen analgesia, periodontal maintenance therapy, sealants, fluoride, oral chemotherapeutic agents and subgingival irrigation and interim therapeutic restorations (ITR).

Children's Policy

In order to create a safe and secure environment, all children under the age of 18 years old must be supervised at all times by an adult; i.e. a parent/guardian, teacher, or assigned child-care giver over the age of 18. This policy affirms that the Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Clinic cannot assume responsibility for unattended children.

Appointment Procedures

Services provided include a thorough medical and dental history, blood pressure screening, oral examination, dental cleaning, and oral disease control instructions. Medical or dental conditions may require a physician's clearance before treatment can begin. Current X-rays are required. They can be taken in our clinic or a copy may be requested from your regular dentist. The initial assessment appointment will determine the number of appointments required to complete your treatment.

You may need pre-medication or a MD clearance for various conditions including, but not limited to the following:

  • Under current treatment for a medical condition or surgery
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart murmur
  • Prosthetic joint replacement, pins, implants, etc
  • Recent heart attack or stroke
  • Cancer and/or steroid therapy
  • History of Phen Fen use
  • History of Bisphosphonate medication used for osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy

Payment and Fees

Fees are based on treatment plans and will be determined after the initial assessment.

Payment is due at the time of service (during check-in). Acceptable payment options are by cash or check only. Credit, debit cards or insurance cards are not accepted.

All fees are subject to change without notice.

To make the best use of time, please email your forms to prior to your appointment.

Patient Bill Of Rights