Title V Cabrillo / CSUMB's Partnership to Strengthen Transfer Pathways

A Developing Hispanic Institution Program


In October 2019 Cabrillo College and CSUMB were awarded a five year, $3 million U.S. Department of Education Title V grant to improve transfer pathways between Cabrillo and CSUMB for low income and Latinx students. Cabrillo is proud to be a Hispanic Serving Institution and work collaboratively with CSUMB to close equity gaps in retention, transfer, and graduation.

Title V Grant Goals:

  1. Increase persistence, transfer, and degree completion by creating clear career and academic pathways with 2+2 programmatic alignment, articulation, and culturally responsive pedagogy.

  2. Develop a high-impact, cost-effective cross-institutional partnership around faculty collaboration, academic and curriculum support, and professional development to create a more seamless transition from 2 yr to 4 yr. Colleges.

  3. Close achievement gaps in gateway courses in five programs (Business, Accounting, Computer Science, Kinesiology, and Ag Science) through relevant peer-based learning, culturally responsive student support, and advising.

  4. Increase the number of students served by Financial Aid through meaningful, peer-based, and inclusive outreach efforts.

Title V Transfer Pathway Initiatives:

The Title V grant launched the Cabrillo 2+2 CSUMB cohort advising program for students who want to transfer faster. Students receive counseling, financial aid assistance, workshops, 2+2 program maps, and CSUMB peer mentorship to help students seamlessly transfer from Cabrillo to CSUMB and complete a Bachelors degree in four years.


A key grant activity is bringing Cabrillo and CSUMB faculty together to work on 2+2 program mapping and program alignment. These faculty workgroups address articulation, program alignment, development of 2+2 program maps, and building relationships that will benefit our students in a multitude of ways. Cabrillo and CSUMB will be collaboratively working with four programs each year, for a total of twenty programs over the five year grant period.


The Title V grant proposal highlights the use of culturally responsive and equity pedagogies in all of the grant activities. Each year of the grant Cabrillo and CSUMB will collaborate to bring professional development workshops to foster student support that is inclusive, culturally responsive and creates a sense of belonging.


Through the Title V grant, the CSUMB Transfer Success Center is expanding student connections, outreach, and orientation activities to specifically address Cabrillo transfer student needs.


Through the Title V Grant we are building on the success of our existing Supplemental Instruction (SI) program with the pilot of our "Enhanced SI" program. Enhanced SI leaders take a more active role in classrooms by meeting regularly with faculty, supporting activities during class time, and leading SI sessions that are interactive and build community. Enhanced SI Leaders are available for gateway courses in our five programs (Business, Accounting, Computer Science, Kinesiology, and Horticulture/Ag Science).


Financial aid is a vital part of a successful transfer journey. The Title V grant funds Financial Aid Student Ambassadors to provide peer support for Cabrillo students and provide outreach and financial aid education to PVUSD students about financing college. In addition, the Cabrillo Financial Aid Office will deploy text nudging for financial aid and other technology improvements in financial aid services.

Have questions about Title V Transfer Pathways?
Contact Debbie Partida, Title V Administrative Assistant at 831-477-3338 or via email at departid@cabrillo.edu
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