Diane in front of tree branches outside her office.
Diane Putnam
English Faculty
With Cabrillo since 1998
(831) 479-6184
Office: Room 427A

MA English (Composition Studies), Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

BA Literature & BA American Studies, UC Santa Cruz

My English Composition course themes

English 1A: Sustainability

This reading- and writing-intensive class presents a theme of “sustainability.” Students will spend their time analyzing examples and rhetorical strategies by writers and other voices, following current news about the environment, researching innovative solutions, and practicing a variety of writing forms on the theme. Designed for all majors & transfers to CSU & UC.

English 2: Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories

From JFK to 9/11 to the Deep State and Q-Anon, Americans have always entertained conspiracy theories. In this class, students will examine critical thinking strategies used by conspiracy theorists and those who study them. Students will discuss, research and analyze alleged and actual conspiracies, including unethical medical studies and financial-sector manipulations. Designed for all majors & transfers to CSU & UC.