K. Groppi
Enngineering and Environmental Science Instructor
Instructor, Engineering Department
Engineering, STEM Center

My current focus is on education and facilitating renewal of campus and community systems to better align with social justice and sustainability practices. Relationships with people, curriculum, committees, the land, water, trees, and other living beings are important to my current work in culture change.

As a civil engineer before coming to Cabrillo, I enjoyed working on the design and construction of various bridge, harbor, road, building, retaining wall, drainage, and sanitary system projects as well as some flood and earthquake damage repair around Santa Cruz County.

Office Hours


Tuesdays Room 810: 10:30-11:10 and 2:00-2:30

Wednesdays Room 810: 9:00-9:30 and 12:30-1:00

Email or call for an appointment at a time that works for you either in person or through the STEM Center Zoom room.

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Your goals and dreams, ES 15- Energy for a Sustainable Future, Engr 25 Graphics & Design, Engr 35 Statics, Engr5, Engr as a Profession, Engr 3 How Things Work, ENGR 10 Engineering communication, Sustainability & Climate Justice, Internships, and biking are all things I love to talk about. I hope to see you soon.