Paula Reuschling
Math Instructor
(831) 477-3243
Teaching at the Watsonville Center and online in Spring 2024

Since I don't have an office at the Watsonville Center, the best way to contact me is by email.

Teaching Schedule and Office Hours
At the Watsonville Center and on Zoom

Spring 2024 Classes

  • Math 5A - 02: Meets T & Th, @ 8:00am - 10:25pm, in Wat A360

  • Math 12-CRQ05: Meets M, T, & Th, @ 11am - 12:30pm, and W @ 11am - 12:25pm, in Wat A360

  • Math 12-LS01: Meets M, T, W, & Th, @ 6pm - 8:40pm, on zoom; fully online & asynchronous; classes are recorded for later viewing. Course begins 4/2/2024.

Spring 2024 Office Hours

  • M & W: 10am - 11am, in Wat A360

  • T & Th: 7:35am - 8am and 10:30am - 11am, in Wat A360

  • M, T, W, & Th: 5pm - 6pm (Use our Zoom class link.) Right before Math 12-LS01 zoom class; these online office hours begin 4/2/2024.

  • or by appointment: Email me some good meeting times, and I will send you a Zoom link or arrange to meet you in person at the Watsonville Center.