Pic of Ronnette Smithcamp
Ronnette Smithcamp
Confidential Executive Assistant to the Superintendent / President and the Governing Board of Trustees
FPPC Compliance Officer
District Lead / Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
(831) 479-6306
6500 Soquel Drive, SAC West 204 / Office Hours 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Ronnette is on her seventh year as the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent / President and the Governing Board of Trustees. She has over 25 years of experience in providing lead-level guidance to college staff, faculty, managers, and administrators in public, charter, and private educational institutions. Ronnette oversees the use of BoardDocs Pro Plus on campus, and at last count there were forty-eight groups across campus that use and rely on BoardDocs to manage their work-flow and retain the history of their committee, council, or team with integrity. She also serves as Liaison on the Cabrillo Emergency Operations Command Team. Ronnette holds an AS Degree from Cabrillo and is a strong advocate for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion both on campus and in her community, and often volunteers to help promote the human rights of all LGBTQ+ persons. Ronnette enjoys time with her family and friends, walks on the beach, and frequenting concerts and festivals.

  • Team Assistant / Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) / Spring 2022

  • Speaker and Co-Presenter / Diligent Modern Governance Summit

    • Recognized as one of the 2021 Modern Governance 100 recipients in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) & Diversity Trailblazer Category, and an Outstanding Community Ally

  • Graduate / Cabrillo College / 2019 / Associate in Science - Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Graduate / Certificate of Completion / 2019 / Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Certificate Program

    • Topics Included; Privilege, Power, Liberation, and Freedom; Anti-Deficit Approaches to Student Success; Critical Issues in Student Services; Critical Issues in Student Leadership; Critical Issues in Administration; Critical Issues in Pedagogy; Implementing the Equity Scorecard; Critical Action Research in Higher Education

  • Graduate / Class 34 / 2019 / Leadership Santa Cruz County

    • The Leadership Santa Cruz County program educates, fosters connections, and increases the participation of individuals in leadership roles in Santa Cruz County, enabling them to address issues, needs, and opportunities facing the county now and into the future. The program provides a broad base of community knowledge and experiences to class members. Each session focuses on a different essential component of our community - from law enforcement to environment and education to agriculture, just to name a few. Participants interact with a wide variety of community leaders from government, business, health care, and other industries and services. Class members get a rare opportunity to actually see, hear and experience, up close, how our community's business and services work. You will have a chance to walk through the correctional facilities in downtown Santa Cruz and in Watsonville, tour the big trees in the San Lorenzo Valley, and hear the story of Big Creek Lumber and their mission to preserve our majestic forests, walk the fields of our county's rich and diverse agribusinesses. And, if you're very lucky, get a taste of a famous Gizdich Ranch pie. Beginning with a two-day leadership retreat, class members participate in a total of 12 all-day classes throughout the year. Each class has its own specific focus and flavor. Along with valuable leadership training, you will get a clear picture of the deep commitment and affection our many community leaders have for our diverse and special community here on the Central Coast. And along the way, it is our hope that you, too, will share in the love and passion we have grown to have for Santa Cruz County. The participants of Leadership Santa Cruz County are people who desire a broader exposure to the growing concerns of this county and who wish to discover the leaders within themselves. Class members have ranged from teenagers to seniors, and those in between. They have been newcomers and long-term residents. Class members and alumni reflect the diversity of the community: ethnically, geographically, professionally and economically. Throughout its existence, Leadership Santa Cruz County has provided quality, non-partisan instruction and watched its alumni go on to take responsible positions throughout the community.

  • Graduate / Certificate / 2017-2018 / Cabrillo Leadership Academy

    • Nominated by campus leaders who they think can make a growing and lasting contribution in shaping the culture of student service at Cabrillo College. Participants engage with a set of readings, workshops, presentations, case studies and discussions that help foster improved leadership and team building skills. The reading list includes the book "The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership," by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Warner Klemp (2015). Some of the attributes the Leadership Academy is designed to enhance: • The identification of core values, commitments, and a sense of leadership for all participants; •Peer-to-peer mentoring; •Facilitative coaching throughout the year to strengthen team building and leadership qualities; •Project based learning, resulting in planned projects or implementation plans that will improve services at the college; •An opportunity for an on-going leadership study at the conclusion of the year.

  • Cabrillo College District Lead / Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

    • Leads a team of executive assistants to manage and ensure the college's seven overarching chapters. Cabrillo currently has n close to 400 board policies and administrative procedures. The team works diligently to ensure all items are current and accurate based on bi-annual legal updates received from the Community College League of California (CCLC), and according to the college's internal annual review in accordance with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC)..

  • Cabrillo College District Filing Officer / Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC)

    • The Political Reform Act prohibits a public official from participating in governmental decisions in which he or she has a financial interest that may be materially affected. To help identify potential conflicts of interest, the law requires officials to file Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700). Agencies must ensure that their public officials (designated board and commission members, employees, and consultants) file the forms and disclose their interests on or before the statutory deadline. Filing officers must supply a Form 700 to those officials who have assuming, annual, and leaving office filing obligations, and notify filers who fail to file. In order to determine if an individual is required to file, agencies should carefully review the list of designated positions in their conflict of interest codes; update their conflict of interest codes to comply with existing law; and know the list of filers covered under Government Code section 87200. An enforcement referral must be made if a statement is not filed. The link below provides suggested timelines for notifications to individuals who must file an annual Form 700, as well as when to notify non-filers and to make enforcement referrals.