Engineering Technology (ETech)

Student Success Stories

Josue Mendoza

When Josue started at Cabrillo college and took Etech 70, he learned that he really enjoyed 3-D modeling. He went on to get a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering. However, jobs were hard to come by in the recession, so he came back to the Etech program. Josue says, "This led me into architectural animation, which I'm currently employed in." The faculty were impressed with his final project so they offered Josue a job as a T.A. for the following semester.

It was a cascading effect, from taking the first class to working with the faculty.

Because of Etech, he became curious about the computer hardware used for animation, so he learned more, leading to consulting in the IT field. He currently works at an architectural/structural engineering firm as a Junior Engineer. He also is pursuing a Masters' degree in Business Administration.

Kenny Murray

After Kenny went through layoffs in his telecommunications career, Gary Marcoccia recruited him into Cabrillo's Teacher Pipeline. This program trains industry professionals to teach. While Kenny had taught himself AutoCAD, teaching required formal education. Focusing on classes in Etech and Construction and Energy Management (CEM) led to a job with campus facilities planning and plant operations (FPPO).

Kenny says;

I saw the glaring need for someone on campus who knew AutoCAD. I now work on all the maps and blueprints – many hand-drawn. This complex work includes fire, electrical, gas, and water systems. Accurate documentation is critical for the operation of the college. It feels good to put my skills to use while continuing my education.

Kenny is a TA for an AutoCAD/3D Printing class, an Instructional Lab Assistant in CEM, and the drafter for FPPO. He finds Etech to be a fun program as "there are a diversity of students – from teens to people past 70." Kenny plans to pursue a BS degree in Energy Engineering.