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Global and Human Studies CAP

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information About CAPs

What is a Career and Academic Pathway (CAP)?

  • A Career and Academic Pathway (CAP) is a group of related disciplines that share some courses, skills, and themes in common. These CAPs make it easier for students in the CAP to learn more about career options in those disciplines and to find the most relevant support and resources to help them along the way. CAPs also provide a chance to connect with fellow students through themed events, peer mentors, and promoting current student clubs.

What are the benefits of being part of a CAP?

  • Being part of a CAP helps students to find tailored resources, events, and information just right for their needs. CAPs also make it easier to connect with faculty and students pursuing the same interests.

Do I have to sign up to be part of the CAPs?

  • Nope, it happens automatically based on your major, so you are all set.

How do I find out which CAP I am in?

  • Check the list of majors and certificates on each CAP webpage, such as this list for Global and Human Studies. Or, visit the webpage for your major department (such as Anthropology) and look for the CAP listed under Program Information. Some majors are categorized in two CAPs, so students in these majors may find useful resources and events in both CAP groups.

What if I want to change my CAP or major?

  • Check in with an academic counselor. It is always best to connect with an academic counselor regarding decisions about your major. Academic counseling is being provided online while we continue with remote learning. In Fall 2021, we anticipate academic counseling will be available both in-person and online. Check the Academic Counseling webpage for the latest information.

What if I have not yet declared a major?

  • Since CAP events are open to everyone, they are a good opportunity to explore options. Looking through the CAP webpages and using the Career Coach tool can also help you see how your interests may align with a major. Academic counselors and career workshops are available as well.

Can I go to events hosted by other CAPs, or can I only attend things for my CAP?

  • Yes, events are open to everyone no matter their CAP! They are also a great chance to explore CAPs if you are undecided.

Who can I contact with more specific questions about CAP resources and upcoming CAP events?

  • Contact your CAP Community. We are here to answer your questions and provide support. Email us today!
COVID-19 Information

Where can I find the latest information on the College's response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Because the pandemic situation continues to change, the College maintains the latest information in one place on our COVID-19 webpage. Visit that page for updates on safety protocols and answers to frequently asked questions about the safe return to campus.

Is it true the College is going to have more in-person classes and services available in Fall 2021?

  • Yes, we are offering more in-person classes and services at both the Aptos and Watsonville locations this fall! Learn more on the COVID-19 webpage. We are also continuing to offer online classes for students who prefer that format.

If I'm still taking online classes, can I get a loaner laptop?

  • Yes, the College is still operating the Loaner Laptop program! Learn more about the program and how to submit your equipment request on the COVID-19 webpage.

Will I be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine before returning to campus?

  • Visit the College's COVID-19 webpage for the latest information on this and other safety precautions that will help us safely expand our in-person offerings this fall. The Cabrillo College COVID-19 Prevention Plan and Safe Reopening Plan and the Safe Return to Campus FAQ posted on that page are especially helpful.
Global and Human Studies Questions

Does Cabrillo offer CBEST testing help?

  • Yes, a course is offered every spring semester. The preparation course emphasizes the reading, mathematics, and writing necessary to prepare for and pass the California Basic Education Standards Test (CBEST). It provides basic skills in reading comprehension and test-taking, basic math functions, and in-depth essay writing. If you have further questions, reach out to Dr. Mary Soltis.

What level Spanish class should I enroll in?

Are there any scholarship opportunities available to people with majors in the Global and Human Studies CAP?

Psychology and Social Work:
  • The Addiction Now Health Care Scholarship is for students pursuing a future in Pre-Med, Nursing, Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, Health and Mental Wellness related fields of study.

  • The Extreme Terrain Scholarship is for students pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Environmental Research, Land Use, Earth and Atmosphere Studies, Sustainable Land Management, Parks and Recreation, or Sustainable Agriculture Systems.

For even more information about scholarship opportunities across disciplines, check out the Financial Aid Office's scholarships webpage.