For Students

Learn what Guided Pathways is doing for you!

What is Guided Pathways?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the choices available for careers, majors, or courses? Are you close to meeting your educational goal and not sure if you have met all the requirements? Have you struggled with academic and personal obstacles and wondered if Cabrillo College had resources to help?

Guided Pathways will help Cabrillo College better serve students and avoid some of these barriers and pitfalls.

The Guided Pathways movement is helping us to adjust our processes and meet each student's unique needs. We are:

  • Providing students with intentional exploration of academic options, allowing them to make informed choices about their majors and careers.
  • Eliminating uncertainty about requirements, reducing the chances of taking excess units.
  • Providing support resources to help students succeed in college level courses as soon as possible.
  • Helping students build community and feel valued and understood at Cabrillo.
How is Guided Pathways helping me?
  • Join a Learning Community! Meet your academic requirements, connect with classmates, access support resources.
  • The Office of Student Equity provides resources and hosts events that promote equity and inclusion at the College.
  • A wide range of student services are available to help you, including financial aid, accessibility supports, veterans supports, and food and housing resources. 
  • Cabrillo College provides learning resources, such as free tutoring, to help students succeed academically.
How else can the College help you?

We want to hear your ideas and suggestions.

  • Send us your contact information, and we will include you in future questionnaires and focus groups. Contact Liz Soluri (Faculty Lead for Guided Pathways).