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Whether getting your Associate of Arts in Journalism or your Journalism/Blogging Certificate of Achievement or taking one of our 11 courses, you will gain valuable skills and hands-on training from experienced faculty working in the field leading to good career prospects and increased communication abilities in any work setting.

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Associate in Arts in Journalism

The Associate in Arts in Journalism prepares students to “write it tight, write it bright, and write it tonight.” You will also gain an integral understanding of the laws and ethics behind reporting and how to present stories fairly with integrity, accuracy, and accountability. Various media types are covered with a focus on effective communication.

Classwork is combined with real-world writing and producing for newspapers, television, radio, podcasting, blogs, magazines, and the internet. You will learn to tailor your writing or reporting to a specific media and its audiences to adapt to the rapidly changing environment of journalism.

By the end of the program, you will have a portfolio of published works and multimedia pieces demonstrating skills in design, layout, writing, production, and visual storytelling.

Paid internships are offered as part of the program in partnership with local media outlets in order for students to gain paid job experience.

Requirements: 60 units

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Journalism/Blogging Certificate of Achievement

The Journalism/Blogging Certificate of Achievement focuses on teaching students to be professional storytellers, to record history, to investigate government and business practices and to create lighter community features that take their viewers behind the scenes. You will learn multidisciplinary skills, including filming and editing videos and creating podcasts, blogs, and vlogs.

This certificate can lead to a diversity of career opportunities. Students pursuing this certificate can range from those looking to learn to communicate and write better to professionals who wish to refresh their marketing skills to community members.

The certificate can lead to a degree in journalism or transfer to a four-year college.

Requirements: 21-27 units

"It was so amazing that I could tap into the local industry as a 19-year-old. I found it rewarding and comfortable knowing I made the right decision to start my career locally."
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