Do you have a passion for finding and sharing important issues and the truth? Do you wish to expand your communication skills to further your career? Cabrillo College’s Journalism program is designed to give you hands-on experience for this ever-changing career.

As the only Journalism program in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties, we feature both academic and occupational skills. Our experienced faculty teach all the skills one needs to get a job in the profession, including photography, broadcasting, podcasting, writing, and blogging. Importantly, we give students a history of media as an academic course. Many of our students get well-paying jobs with what they have learned here.

Journalists research and gather information about important issues and events and share this information in a news-worthy form with the public through written word, audio, photography, or video. Our democracy depends on well-trained and passionate journalists.

To prepare you for such a career, or to help increase your communication skills needed in any job, we offer:

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You will gain valuable skills and hands-on training as well as the opportunity to participate in paid internships with local employers. Local employers play a key role in the program with many of them serving on our Advisory Group.
Students in the journalism program can work on The Cabrillo Voice, informing students and staff on local events. These students focus on expressing their right to free speech and using the newspaper as a way to bring justice to those who don't have the platform to express their voice.

There’s power in the truth. There’s power in words.
A.V. Eichenbaum
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