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Mental Health Conference

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Pre-Conference Movie Night Thursday, May 2nd

Conference Events Friday, May 3rd

About the Conference

The Cabrillo College Student Health Center is excited to announce the 3rd annual Mental Health Conference. This is a FREE conference that is open to the community at large.

The conference goal is to bring awareness while highlighting healing, resiliency and support on campus and in our community. The conference will feature engaging speakers, and opportunities for belonging.

Who is invited?

Students, Campus Professionals, Community Members, You!

In Person Details
The conference will be in person at the Aptos Campus on Friday. The pre-conference movie will be hosted at the Watsonville Campus on Thursday.

Virtual Details

Some portions of the conference will be simultaneously broadcasted via zoom and a recording will be available 1 week after the conference concludes. The Zoom link to this will be noted on the conference website on the day of the conference.

If you can or can not attend please make a powerful statement by wearing green for mental health awareness.

Why Wear Green?

Green is more than just a color—it's the international symbol for mental health awareness. Representing fresh starts, optimism, and energy, wearing green (or even adding a touch of it to your space) makes a bright and bold statement: I care about mental health!

Watch the Reel!

Prize Preview + Updated Schedule

Conference Schedule

Pre-Conference Movie Night

6 pm - 8 pm

Watsonville Campus

Short film screening and discussion. Light refreshments and snacks will be served

More details to follow.

Conference Day

8:30 am - 3 pm

Horticulture Building 5005

Welcome Reception begins at 8:30 am

About Joe

The mindfulness techniques Joe teaches are foundational tools that can help to identify, hold and heal underlying wounds, reactions and patterns.

He has dedicated himself to teaching mindfulness to the most at-risk populations because he believes that the simple, yet transformative practice of present-time awareness, emotional curiosity and the practical application of what we learn can assist anyone in radically improving their lives.

He also believes that mindfulness may start on a meditation cushion but he focuses his teachings on how these skills can be applied to our daily lives to become more resilient, compassionate, and authentic human beings.

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About Pablo

Pablo Campos grew up angry and frustrated. He discusses how he engaged in increasingly risky behaviors and polysubstance abuse, which led to an attempt to take his own life during his senior year of high school.

Today, with a clear diagnosis and a treatment plan, Pablo has begun his road to recovery. He talks about how stigma, cultural norms, and a lack of education affected him and how through help seeking, education, and a strong support network he has grown from being his own worst enemy to a powerful participant in his recovery.

He shares his story to encourage others to seek help, build peer support and to create a healthier sense of community.

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About Activity

A chance to connect, reflect and explore the meanings of belonging.

Details to follow

About Abraham

Abraham Sculley is the founder of Speaks 2 Inspire, bestselling author, podcaster, advocate, and Active Minds Speaker on a mission to eradicate mental health stigma. He developed a passion for mental health from his battle with depression during college. Shortly after, Abraham received his degree in Psychology and set on a mission to impact audiences across the country by sharing his story. He has collaborated with many organizations to create safe spaces for honest conversations about mental health and illness. Today, he partners with higher education leaders, school professionals, and student leaders to support young adult mental health and wellbeing.

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About Jazz

Sacred Musician bridging spirit and heart into healing sonic scapes. Jazz was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As the daughter of Filipino immigrants, she was surrounded by their creativity and native music. These formative years engrained in her an irrevocable fascination for music and the arts.

As a multi instrumentalist, she is able to fuse music from across genres of soul, R&B, devotional mantra music and medicine music. Jazz has created a unique sound that evokes a sacred, timeless ancience.

Her session will begin with mindfulness and meditation/light breathwork and continue with the sound bath. Including sound immersion using perfectly tuned instruments like a gong, crystal singing bowls, harp and chimes.

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