Cabrillo College

Student Mental Health Conference

April 27 - April 29

About the Conference


The conference goal is to bring awareness while highlighting healing, resiliency and support on campus and in our community.

The conference will feature an inspiring keynote presentation, and workshops led by campus mental health professionals, faculty, students and community partners.


  • Students who are committed to wellbeing, mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

  • Campus professionals including administrators, faculty, and staff in Student Services, Counseling, Psychology, Public Health, Human Services, Allied Health and more.

  • Community members invested in the health and well-being of students and the community.

Our virtual event will include closed captions. If you are in need of ASL services, please indicate on your registration so that we can work to accommodate your needs, particularly during the concurrent sessions. 5 days notice is appreciated.

Conference Agenda

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Wellness & Essential Needs Fair

11 am to 1 pm

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at the Watsonville Campus Breezeway

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at the Aptos Campus Library Plaza

n person events at both campuses. Come out and have fun, win prizes, and meet campus and community resources that support wellness and essential needs. Including housing, food security, physical health and mental health.

Learn More About Basic Needs, Retention and Student Success

Day 1 - Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Hybrid Day - Workshops will be in person and live on Zoom

#DENIMDAY - Wear Denim to Support Survivors of Sexual Assault

Denim Day is an international campaign protesting a 1998 Italian Supreme Court decision to overturn a rape conviction because the woman was wearing tight fitting jeans. Wednesday April 27th is a day of action and awareness. Show your support, by wearing denim to combat victim blaming, educating yourself and others about sexual assult.

Presenter(s): Student Health Services Cabrillo College

Location: Virtual

Summary: OneLove workshop depicts a relationship that escalates from a sweet beginning to a tragic end. Highlighting the warning signs of abusive relationships.

Objective: The authentic depiction of unhealthy behavior escalating into violence helps you understand and recognize the early signs of relationship abuse. The 40 minute screening is followed by a guided discussion with our Student Health Services Staff.

Presenter(s): Marjorie Coffey, Walnut Avenue Family & Women's Center

Location: Virtual

Summary: A domestic violence advocate will provide an introduction to domestic and family violence: what it is (and isn't), the cycle of violence, intergenerational transmission, social factors which perpetuate it, what it takes for people to change, and resources for safe coping.

Objective: The goal is for attendees to receive evidence-based information about domestic and family violence which helps explain why it's a public health concern rather than a "private violence" and eliminate some common forms of stigma facing survivors. This includes addressing other common forms of victim-blaming, including those internalized by survivors. Resources for finding support for oneself and for loved ones will be shared.

Location: Aptos Campus, Room 450 (Outside)

The beverage and snack welcome reception is hosted by the Dean of Students.

Objective: Opportunity to connect with one another and support mental health on campus.

Moderator: Cynthia Fitzgerald, PhD. Associate Dean of Allied Health, Stroke and Disability Learning Center

Welcome Address: Dr. Matthew Wetstein, President/Superintendent

Location: Aptos Campus, Room 450 & Virtual

Presenter(s): Jennifer Love, MD

Location: Aptos Campus, Room 450 & Virtual

Summary: Dr. Jennifer Love, MD is board-certified in psychiatry, addiction psychiatry and addiction medicine, and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Addiction Medicine. She attended medical school at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, and completed her internship, residency and subspecialty fellowship training at the University of Hawaii. She served as chief resident and as clinical faculty at the University of Hawaii Department of Psychiatry before returning to California where she is currently in group practice with the acclaimed Amen Clinics.

Objective: WHEN CRISIS STRIKES: 5 Steps to Heal Your Brain, Body, and Life from Chronic Stress is a fascinating, engaging foray into the science of stress from two distinct viewpoints: the psychological and physical. At its root, chronic stress is a sense of your life advancing without your having any control. Drs. Love and Hovik have developed a Five-Step model with their patients experiencing intense loss, trauma, and intense life events. They explain the science behind how your your brain works with your body's natural stress blockers to protect you in moments of crisis; how environmental and emotional crisis cues can cause physical reactions that can be subtle and devastating; the science behind why you crave quick fixes that feel good but are counterproductive (alcohol, drugs, sex, fatty foods, and additive behaviors); and why it's natural to feel helpless.

Day 2 - Thursday, April 28, 2022

Virtual Day - Workshops will be live on Zoom only

Move today for your mental health. Health professionals agree that exercise can be as effective as medication and psychotherapy for improving mental health.

Moderator: Dr. Michelle Donohue-Mendoza

Welcome Address: Gail West

Presenter(s): Gail West, Human Services Cabrillo College

Location: Virtual

Summary: Exploring concepts from positive psychology and neuroplasticity, this interactive workshop will focus on the core aspects of resilience development. Participants will leave this workshop with a "tool box" full of skills and strategies to help them deal with adversity and find a path toward healing and growth.

Objective: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will learn about:

  • The core qualities of resilience

  • The role of neuroplasticity to make positive, long-lasting changes

  • The importance of self-care strategies that help us heal and grow

  • How community strengthens our sense of well-being and connection

  • Experiential practices that deepen our access to self-awareness and wisdom

  • Joy, gratitude and laughter as good medicine

Presenter(s): Camille Hatton, VAPA Cabrillo College

Location: Virtual

Summary: Singing is a powerfully healing activity. Participants will be free to sing to their heart's content as we learn simple songs and chants together. We will have some conversation about breath work and balance, but will spend the majority of the session learning and singing songs together.

Objective: We will use song and singing together as a means to strengthen personal wellness and body awareness.

Presenter(s): Trinity McGuire, Personal Counseling, Student Health Services Cabrillo College

Location: Virtual

Summary: A bullet journal is a way to schedule by day, week, month, or year; it can also be used to keep track of task progress. It may act as a medium for written and drawn meditation, as an artistic outlet, and as a diary.

Objective: Participants will learn the basic method for Bullet Journaling including the following tools: indexing, rapid logging, logs, collections, and migrations. How to use methods in support with school, work, finances, and mental health. Different style variations to personalize a Bullet Journal.


Presenter(s): Rick Gubash, Megan Robertson, Rolando Zapata, ASC (Accessibility Support Center) Cabrillo College

Location: Virtual

Summary: Our session will review the social model of disability, normalizing disability, and how to get help managing barriers to access due to disability.

Objective: Understand that barriers to accessible environments are within our control and that people are disabled by the environment. Poor design leads to barriers. Participants will also learn how to access support from the ASC.

Presenter(s): National Alliance on Mental Illness- Santa Cruz County (NAMISCC)

Location: Virtual

Summary: Ending the Silence is a NAMI presentation that includes warning signs, facts and statistics, and information on how students can get help for themselves or a friend. The presentation includes two leaders: one who shares an informative presentation, and a young adult with a mental health condition who shares their journey of recovery.

Objective: Topics covered include:

  • What is mental health?

  • Warning signs of mental health conditions

  • The role of stigma in seeking help

  • How to help a friend

  • Resources for support


Presenter(s): Art with Impact

Location: Virtual

Summary: A virtual workshop featuring award-winning short films, mindfulness activities, & panel discussion with students & mental health resources.

Objective: Movies for Mental Health (Online) is a 2-hour virtual workshop that uses the power of film to unite folks in community, connection, and conversation.

This interactive, online experience will feature an anonymous, chat-based discussion on mental health, the stigma that frequently surrounds mental illness, and media portrayals of mental health issues. Following this will be a live screening of three award-winning short films, therapeutic activities to consciously connect minds and bodies, and a collective exploration around what the work means for us as individuals. The event will culminate in a panel of lived-experience speakers and mental health resources, empowering us to share our own stories and access support available to us in these uncertain times.

Day 3 - Friday, April 29, 2022

Virtual Day - Workshops will be live on Zoom

Take a moment to support your mental health, your classmates, your family and the community at large.

Presenter(s): Lance Bauscher & Osha Brodsky, Personal Counseling, Student Health Services Cabrillo College

Location: Virtual

Summary: Mindfulness is everywhere, expressed and marketed as some mysterious form of relaxation that is somehow both the same and different than awareness and meditation. In this presentation, we will attempt to break down a few misconceptions and develop an understanding for a mediation and practical practice of mindfulness.

Objective: Participants will review and learn some of the fundamental components of mindfulness, as well as participate in mindfulness meditations.

Presenter(s): David Schoch, Active Minds Club Leader, Cabrillo College Active Minds Club

Location: Virtual

Summary: Validate, Appreciate, Refer is a simple way to offer support and be a listening ear for a friend who may be struggling. Presented by leaders from our Active Minds Club.

Objective: Learn how to show up for friends who may be struggling by using Active Minds' everyday tool for everyday conversations, the V-A-R® (Validate-Appreciate-Refer) technique.

Presenter(s): Celeste Cisneros, Suicide Prevention Service

Location: Virtual

Summary: Share about our program, resources, and warning signs.

Objective: The primary objective for this workshop is to destigmatize mental illness and educate to ensure everyone gets the help they need.

Presenter(s): Donna Harris, Judy Verbeck, Sharon O'Connor, and Manuel Martinez, Dianne Sigman, Cabrillo College Stroke and Disability Learning Center

Location: Virtual

Summary: Students from Cabrillo College's Stroke and Disability Learning Center will guide listeners through stigma encounters experienced by adults with disabilities. Their panel discussion will enlighten audience members about the self-work required for lifelong learners with disabilities to achieve mental wellness through hope, resilience, courage and self-advocacy for a stigma-free community.

Objective: Audience members will perceive the various types of stigma surrounding adult learners with disabilities from brain injuries and its impact on their mental health. Audience members will recognize key components of self-work that promote one's ability to build hope, resilience and courage when faced with mental illness and disability barriers. Audience members will understand the impacts of volunteerism, self advocacy and life participation on the mental wellness of life long learners with brain injuries. Audience members will identify aspects that foster a stigma free environment within a community program.

Presenter(s): Erin Johnson, Personal Counseling, Student Health Services Cabrillo College

Location: Virtual

Summary: For the past few years we've been coping with a pandemic, climate crisis, and intensifying political and social unrest on a global scale. Join us to explore ways we can cope with the symptoms of ongoing stress and create lives that are still meaningful, vital, and connected with valued action.

Objective: Through the lense of Eco-Anxiety interventions participants will learn skills and tools for coping with fatigue, overwhelm, anger, anxiety, despair, loneliness, and other results of chronic stress. We will also explore how to better access solace, hope, connection, wonder, values, and committed action.


Take a moment to support your mental health, your classmates, your family and the community at large. Remembering that it is ok to not be okay, we are all going through unique experiences that may need healing and with compassion for ourselves and others we can heal together.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I pause for my mental health?

  • How can I pause for a friend's mental health?

  • How can I pause for a stranger's mental health?

Know there is support to meet you where you are.

Our virtual event will include closed captions. If you are in need of ASL services, please indicate on your registration so that we can work to accommodate your needs, particularly during the concurrent sessions. 5 days notice is appreciated.

Healing Together Conference: When Crisis Strikes with Jennifer Love, MD
Healing Together Conference: Resource Slide Show
Approved and funded by the ASCC Student Senate 2021-2022
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Student Health Services


We are committed to making the best decision possible for the health and well-being of our audience, volunteers, and community, and will take proactive measures to ensure public health during this event.

Day 1 will be hybrid, with some activities and in-person sessions where safety protocols will be implemented, including masking and social distancing. Day 2 and Day 3 will be live on Zoom. Please check back to this area for updates as information becomes available closer to the event.