Pause for Mental Health

Take a moment to support your mental health, your classmates, your family and the community at large.

Remembering that it is ok to not be okay, we are all going through unique experiences that may need healing and with compassion for ourselves and others we can heal together.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I pause for my mental health?

  • How can I pause for a friend's mental health?

  • How can I pause for a stranger's mental health?

Know there is support to meet you where you are.

Take a Pause
  • Take a warm shower

  • Read a poem

  • Take 10 slow, deep breaths

  • Write a journal entry

  • Window shop

  • Try something new

  • Make a new friend

  • Listen to 4 new songs

  • Visit an Art Gallery

  • Color with crayons

  • Plant or Pick some flowers

  • Visit the humane society

  • Make comfort food or try something new

  • Hold a solo dance party

  • Go for a run or bike ride

  • Call a friend or family member

  • Take a walk around campus, on the beach, Niesen or Pinto Lake County Park

  • Drink some tea or a coffee

  • Cuddle up with your favorite blanket

  • Rub rosemary oil on your feet

  • Do a random act of kindness

  • Listen to a Meditation

  • Stretch

  • Notice with wonder and awe

  • Gather data through all senses

  • Spend time in nature and/or with animals

Email us your idea for a pause

2022 Mental Health Conference

Healing Together: Pause For Mental Health