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Physics Department Course Schedule

Cabrillo Physics Courses - Spring 2024

See Cabrillo College Schedule of Classes (Physics) for additional information.

Physics 2AB, General Physics.

A two-semester lecture/lab sequence for many life and health science students. Uses algebra and trig.

Physics 2B (Marcus Watson)

Physics 4ABCD, Physics for Scientists and Engineers.

A four-semester lecture/lab sequence for science and engineering students. Uses calculus.

Physics 4A (Carlos Figueroa)
Physics 4C (Joe McCullough)
Physics 4C Online (Joe McCullough)

Physics 10/10L, Introduction to Physics.

A one-semester lecture and optional lab for non-science students. Uses little or no math.

Physics 10 Watsonville (Murat Bulut)
Physics 10 MW AM (Marcus Watson)
Physics 10 Online (Miguel Rocha Gaso)
Physics 10 Tues eve. (Paul Graham)
Physics 10 L Thursday PM (Sue Broadston)

Physics 11, Elementary Physics.

A one-semester lecture/lab survey of physics concepts, resources and problem-solving skills. Uses algebra and trig.

Physics 11 (Marcus Watson)