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Physics Department Course Schedule

Cabrillo Physics Courses - Fall 2023

See Cabrillo College Schedule of Classes (Physics) for additional information.

Physics 2AB, General Physics.

A two-semester lecture/lab sequence for many life and health science students. Uses algebra and trig.

Physics 2A (Carlos Figueroa)

Physics 4ABCD, Physics for Scientists and Engineers.

A four-semester lecture/lab sequence for science and engineering students. Uses calculus.

Physics 4A (Joe McCullough)
Physics 4B (Marcus Watson)

Physics 10/10L, Introduction to Physics.

A one-semester lecture and optional lab for non-science students. Uses little or no math.

Physics 10 TTh (Miguel Rocha Gaso)
Physics 10 Online (Joe McCullough)
Physics 10 Tues eve. (Paul Graham)
Physics 10 L Thursday PM (Sue Broadston)

Physics 11, Elementary Physics.

A one-semester lecture/lab survey of physics concepts, resources and problem-solving skills. Uses algebra and trig.

Physics 11 (Carlos Figueroa)