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Porter Gulch Review

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Porter Gulch Review is a literature and arts journal which features prose, poetry, and artwork submitted by poets, novelists, photographers, artists, and other eccentric individuals in the greater Santa Cruz area and beyond. It's created by students in David Sullivan's 1B class every spring at Cabrillo Community College. The journal reflects the diversity and creativity of our community. However, submitters are not limited to the confines of Santa Cruz. In addition to the 2,000 print copies that are given away free, there is a longer online version that includes the student's book reviews and critiques of that year's chosen submissions.

Student submissions

We encourage everyone to submit work to PGRSubmissions@gmail.com; include the work as an RTF (rich text format) attachment, with your name on it, a short, playful bio, and your contact information. All visuals/images must be high quality, 300 DPI or higher. They may need to be sent individually or uploaded through Dropbox.

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