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From brakes to bottom brackets, the Cabrillo Bike Coop has been providing space, tools and knowledge to students, faculty and community members for more than a decade. The Bike Coop is located beneath the cafeteria on the Aptos campus, in room 913c.
The Coop also hosts events, including group bike rides and movie nights.

Nik Jones The Cabrillo Voice

900 Building Room 913 C

Send us an email:
CabrilloBikeCo-op (at)

mission statement
  • To provide Cabrillo students and the surrounding community with the tools, space, and education to use bicycles as a means of sustainable, low-cost transportation.
  • To dramatically increase the number of students that ride bicycles to and from school.
  • To create a safe space for individuals of any age, gender, nationality, religion or social status to feel accepted, inspired and empowered.
  • To promote the larger goal of making the Cabrillo campus more sustainable.
  • To develop and maintain working relationships with organizations who hold similar values.
  • To support and encourage the health and well being of Cabrillo students and the local community.

Values of the Co-op

  • Non discrimination, respecting differences, a safe space for everybody.
  • Patrons do all the work, and therefore all the learning, on their own bicycles.
  • Acquisition and use of used parts, tools and recycled materials, promoting sustainable lifestyles and business practices.
  • Working with rather than competing against local bike shops.
  • Spreading knowledge rather than influence.
  • Encouraging fun rather than fundamentals.
  • Proporcionar a los estudiantes de Cabrillo y a la comunidad circundante con las herramientas, el espacio y la educación necesaria para utilizar la bicicleta como medio de transporte sustentable y económico.
  • Aumentar dramáticamente el número de estudiantes que usan la bici para ir y venir a la escuela.
  • Crear un espacio seguro donde individuos de cualquier edad, genero, nacionalidad, religión o estatus social se puedan sentir aceptados, inspirados y capaces.
  • Promover el gran deseo de hacer de Cabrillo un Colegio más sustentable.
  • Desarrollar y mantener relaciones de trabajo con organizaciones que llevan a cabo valores similares.
  • Animar y apoyar la salud y bienestar de los estudiantes de Cabrillo y la comunidad local.

Valores de la Cooperativa

  • Libre de discriminación, respetando diferencias en un espacio seguro para todos.
  • Las/los Clientes hacen todo el trabajo, y por consecuente todo el aprendizaje en sus bicicletas.
  • Adquisición y uso de piezas usadas, herramientas y materiales reciclados, promoviendo estilos de vida sustentables y prácticas de negocios.
  • Trabajar con, en vez de competir contra tiendas locales de bicicletas.
  • Esparcir conocimiento en vez de influencia.
  • Alentar diversión en vez de fundamentales.
    • Cabrillo Bike Co-operative
      To provide access to tools and help in the process of fixing ones bike.
      Membership is $20 for unlimited use of shop time and tools. Anyone however may attend meetings and get involved with the inner workings of the club.
    • Sections
      1. Club officers must be currently enrolled, have at least a 1.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), must maintain 1/2 unit, have a current Cabrillo ASCC card, and must not be on academic or social probation.
      2. Officers will be President, Vice-President/ICC Representative, Secretary, and Treasurer. Club elections will be held no later than the 6th week of each semester.
      3. The election will be done by vote by club members attended at least two meetings.
    • Sections
      1. President
      • A. Call special meetings.
      • B. Carry out the provisions of the constitution.
      • C. Appoint committees and chairpersons.
      • D. Oversee all committee activities.
      2. Vice President/ICC Rep
      • A. Assume the duties of the president in his/her absence.
      • B. To assist the president in all duties he can.
      • C. Perform any duties delegated by the president.
      3. ICC Rep
      • A. Attend ICC meetings
      • B. Promote interests of the coop
      • C. Report the results of ICC meetings at club meetings.
      4. Secretary
      • A. Attend ICC meetings
      • B. Promote interests of the coop
      • C. Report the results of ICC meetings at club meetings.
      5. Treasurer
      • A. Coordinate with the bookkeeper to provide information required to keep accurate records
      • B. Keep financial records and collect dues.
      • C. Fill out paperwork and provide signatures as required to pay bills and release funds as voted by members.
      • D. Make financial reports at least once a month at the meeting.
    • Sections
      • The Executive Council will consist of the hired Co-operators.
      2. Duties of theCo-operators
      • A. Keep the bike co-op open during posted hours and provide a one-on-one learning experience to bike co-op patrons.
      • B. Attend all club meetings
      • C. Attend all scheduled Co-operator meetings
      • D. Clean, organize and take on all shop duties
      • E. Organize, train and supervise volunteers
    • Sections
      1. All elected officers may be subjected to impeachment and removal by a two-thirds majority vote of the total membership.
      2. Grounds for impeachment are negligence and any form of misconduct which is damaging to the club. An officer/member may be impeached/removed only under the following conditions: there must be a quorum present during impeachment/removal; two-thirds of the membership must vote; prior to impeachment/removal there must be one week’s notice of intent publicized.
      3. Replacement of officer(s) shall be filled in the following manner (Line of succession – in absence of President, Vice - President, Secretary and Treasurer.)
    • Sections
      1. There must be public notice on the club board at least three (3) school days in advance.
      2. There must be a meeting at least once a month held at Cabrillo.
      3. There must be a quorum (a quorum is 50 percent plus 1 of the Club officers) present in order to take care of financial action.
      4. Minutes must be kept of all financial action with the club secretary.
      5. The treasurer will need to coordinate with the bookkeeper to make an oral report at least once a month at the meeting.
    • Sections
      1. The standing committees of this club shall be appointed as necessary
    • Sections
      • The role of the advisor is to:
      • A. Serve as the official staff representative of the college.
      • B. Work closely with the club to insure a cooperative relationship between the advisor, and the club membership.
      • C. Help each officer of the organization understand their duties.
      • D. Give particular attention to the financial activities of the group order to prevent the incurring of organizational debts for succeeding members to pay.
      • E. Help students to understand and apply cooperative governance principles within their own organizations, and in working with others.
      • F. Be present for all official club/organization meetings and activities (business and social), and to advise students of the policies and procedures which they must follow as a club/organization.
      • G. Be familiar with the ICC Bylaws, ICC Financial Code, and club financial process.
      • H. Insure that all reasonable steps are taken to insure the safety, and Welfare of club members.
      • I. Insure that appropriate college policies are upheld. J. To sign all club/organization requisitions for the club/organizations, and to make sure that 1) their student treasurer or (co) president signs it and (2) that the expenditure is correct within all existing policies.
    • Sections
      1. This club accepts full financial responsibility for all activities that bear its name as official sponsor, and will adhere to college regulations. All publicity for an event must bear the name of the sponsoring club.
    • Sections
      1. Any club officer, club member does not have the right to incur any debt or become involved in any business under the title or by implying the title of a club in any way unless given full authority to do so by the club.
    • Sections
      1. Any amendment change requires a two-thirds vote at a general meeting, copies distributed to all clubs, ICC Officers, Secretary and Student Activities Coordinator.

Fall 2019

picture of Gizdich Pies

voluteers eating pie at Gizdich

Ride 2 Pie

We will meet at the Co-op under the Cafeteria on a Friday, December TBD, 2019
10:00 am: Come to the shop and sign-up, pump-up and gear-up 10:30 am: Rolling!
We will ride to the Cabrillo Watsonville Campus arriving around 12:00 to pick up south county riders and ride on through the sloughs and along the river to: Gizdich Ranch at 55 Peckham Rd, in Watsonville where at least 10 different kinds of pie are waiting for us!

Join us on Thursdays at 2:30 pm for our meetings.
We meet in front of the Co-op, Room 913C.

Co-Operators & Volunteers

The co-operators are both bike mechanics and "educators" who will teach you the basics of bike maintenance, repair, and even help you build a bike from frames & parts found at the shop (or community).

Current Cooperators!

Pablo, Dani, Kurt, James

Past Cooperators:

Pete, Tiffany, David, James, Nik, Ethan

Kyle, Pete, Jamie, Mariah, Aaron L., Eric

Aaron S, Nic A., Sylvia, Alex, Hilde, Kemen, Victor, Jerry


Volunteer as a mechanic
Core members of the Bike Cooperative volunteer their time to run the shop; we can't operate without them. As an incentive, core members are offered free membership for their service.
Core members get other fringe benefits, too: dibs on quality parts and components, free food and coffee (or yerba maté), and a little bit of storage space. For more information, walk into the cooperative during open hours, or attend one of our meetings.

UPDATE: Beginning Spring Semester 2011, volunteers are able to get shop credit for (only) used parts in exchange for their time spent doing specific tasks according to a to-do list in the shop.
Simply log your hours on the volunteer clip board. This information will be kept in a spreadsheet along with a record of parts to be exchanged for this time.

Fall 2020

  • Hours Of Operation:
  • Monday:
    None yet
  • Tuesday:
    2:30 -4:00 pm
  • Wednesday:
    12:30-4:00 pm
  • Thursday:
    1:00-4:00 pm
  • Fridays:
    1:00-4:00 pm
  • Closed:
    Saturday, Sunday & Monday
  • Come and volunteer so we can expand our hours!


  • TBD
  • How about Thursdays @
    2:30 pm
  • We're located Room 913c - Under the Cafeteria
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