What is P.E.E.R.S.? People Empowering Each Other to Realize Success

PEERS focus on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness to support a healthier community. How we care for our children, our elders, our families, and ourselves. PEERS Wellness Ambassadors help promote wellness and student success in our campus community. Wellness Ambassadors work with Student Health Services to optimize wellness skills to support the achievement of academic and personal goals.

What do Wellness Ambassadors do?

A Wellness Ambassador will work one-on-one with a student to identify strengths, goals, and plans addressing each dimension of wellness. The PEERS Wellness Ambassador will share resources, teach new skills, help the student develop healthy habits to overcome challenges, and will also be an accountability partner to the student.

What can Wellness Ambassadors help with?

  • SMART Goals for Academic & Personal Objectives

  • Time Management

  • Stress Management

  • Studying Tips and Tricks

  • Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise Support

  • Budgeting

  • Accountability

  • Organization

  • Overall support around the 8 Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.

Want support from a PEERS Wellness Ambassador?

Make an appointment by calling (831) 479-6435 or emailing Claudia Peixoto, clpeixot@cabrillo.edu when school is in session. You can also complete this Dimensions of Wellness Assessment where you can request an appointment.

Want a brief PEERS presentation in your class?

Drop us a line at cabrillopeers@gmail.com

Want to become a PEERS Wellness Ambassador?

PEERS needs you! Bring us your talents to Student Health Services view requirements, application, and recommendation forms through the link below:

Join Active Minds Club!

Join the Cabrillo College chapter of the national nonprofit Active Minds Club. As a club we empower our members to change the conversation about mental health and suicide prevention by raising awareness, sharing resources, and inspiring action.

The importance of awareness and education about the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders and encouraging students who are struggling to reach out and seek help are extremely valuable, now more than ever. We've all been in a situation where we or someone close to us has shown signs of distress, did you know what to do? This club will help you find the words and learn the resources to help.

Learn about the ways you can be a part of changing the conversations around Mental Health in our school, community and beyond with a supportive group of your peers. If you're ready to be a part of the Active Minds Club or have any questions email cabrillopeers@gmail.com or complete the Active Minds Club Member Form.

Visit the Active Minds Club Linktree for their Instagram, resources and more information.