Student Support and Care Team

SSCT Care & BIT Team

Two Roles, One Purpose: Serving Students and the Community

Cabrillo College utilizes a coordinated approach to student support and care, and behavioral intervention and threat assessment to address various support needs as well as concerning behaviors exhibited by students.

Role and Scope


  • Actively collects information regarding concerning behaviors.

  • Focuses on low risk behaviors, including referrals for mental health counseling, accessibility support, food and housing insecurity, etc.

  • Utilized as a student success and retention tool.


  • Actively seeks information regarding disruptive, threatening, risky, dangerous or illegal behaviors or in violation of the code of conduct.

  • May refer appropriate individuals to Care Team for additional support and/or intervention. Or refer student to Disciplinary Team.

  • Disciplinary Team determines whether and how the student may remain part of the community.

Team Membership

  • Dr. Michelle Donohue, Team Chair, Dean of Student Services

  • Jasmine Northcutt, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Services

  • Monica Mendenhall, Retention and Basic Needs Coordinator, Homeless Student Liaison, Care Team Case Manager

  • Alta Northcutt, Director of Welcome Center & Student Life

  • Anna Bartkowski, Title IX Coordinator

  • Brenda Ochoa, Academic Counselor

  • Dana Logston, Career Services Coordinator

  • Dianne Avelar, SHS Mental Health Counselor

  • Gina Westjohn, Director of Student Health Services

  • Keyiona Ritchey, Guardian Scholars Program Coordinator

  • Megan Robertson, ASC Counselor

  • Sgt. Jordan Brownlee , Sheriff's Office

  • Tootie Olsen, Director of Financial Aid

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