Interested in transferring to CSUMB?

Transfer faster with the 2+2 Program!

Want to transfer faster?

Cabillo 2+2 CSUMB is a new program that provides clear roadmaps for students to spend two years at Cabrillo and two years at CSUMB to complete their bachelor’s degree in four years.

Benefits of Joining the Cabrillo 2+2 CSUMB Program:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Transfer guidance
  • Academic Support
  • Peer Mentoring and Networking
  • CSUMB Tours and Panels
  • Financial Aid assistance
  • Laptop and hotspot for remote learning
  • A community of support

Criteria to join:

  • FRESHMAN student attending Cabrillo College or RE-ENTRY student returning to college (or, completed less than 12 units)
  • Enroll in 12 degree-applicable units minimum per semester or 30 per year

Spring 2021 2+2 Cohort is Now Full! Interested in Joining Fall 2021? Apply Now!

Fall 2021 Cabrillo 2+2 CSUMB Program Application


Cabrillo 2+2 Program Maps with Cal State Monterey Bay (CSUMB)

The following Programs at Cabrillo College have been mapped out with their similar Bachelor's Degrees at CSUMB for completion within a total of 4 years. Visit each majors 2+2 Program Map to view the planned route for completion of the Associates Degree within 2 years at Cabrillo College, followed by planned route for completion of the Bachelor's Degree in 2 years at CSUMB. All documents are PDF files.

Cabrillo 2 Year Pathway

CSUMB 2 Year Pathway

Cabrillo 2 Year Program

CSUMB 2 Year Program

Cabrillo 2 Year Program

CSUMB 2 Year Program:

Cabrillo 2 Year Program

CSUMB 2 Year Program:

"My assigned 2+2 counselor has gone above and beyond to keep me on track and motivated. The sense of community of this program has helped me feel like I am not alone on my path to get an education especially when things get tough."
Daisy Gutierrez-Huerta | Business Major
"It's been so easy to get involved with the 2+2 Program and having all the support from their team has made this semester much less intimidating!"
Eron Paige Opdyke | Kinesiology Major