elevator mural in progress
Cabrillo celebrates the arts with many public installations across both the Aptos and Watsonville campuses. To learn more about any individual work follow the links below.

Public Art at Cabrillo

Aptos Campus
The Unity Mural

Celebrating Cabrillo's Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Status

Engineering Tree Mural

This 10’x 20’ bas relief ceramic tile mural created as a collaborative effort by 50+ Cabrillo Art and Engineering students, instructors, staff and volunteers was three years in the making. Many Engineering disciplines are represented in the mural

MLK sculpture
MLK Statue

Created by Barrington McClean (1938 - ), the first African American faculty member at Cabrillo College in Aptos between 1969-1979.

McClean is a sculptor, painter and mask-maker.

Donated to the college in 2008 by George Ow.

Aptos Cafeteria Mural

Created by the student artists of the Fall 2023 ART 91 Mural Class, our guest muralist, Yermo Aranda, and their instructor, Danielle Torvik-Staffen.

This project, funded by Cabrillo College’s HSI Task Force, is intended to celebrate the College’s designation as an Hispanic Serving Institution

(HSI), an institution open and welcoming to all, especially those who have been historically underrepresented and marginalized.

Watsonville campus
Building B Mural

Painted in spring 2019.

Students from El Nido were guided by artist Monica Galvan, a former El Nido student and who now works for the program.

El Nido High School is a program from County Office of Education, that rents space in building B.

"Public Art - Painting a Mural"

A class project of Art 91, taught in Spring 2017 in Watsonville by instructor Margaret Niven. This was the last art class that was offered in Watsonville.

Participating students: Nick Craig, Craig Demartino, Esmer Karzinova, Austin Sheldon, Rebekah Torres, Israel Rincon, Stephen Uhey

General information

This Pilot Protocol sets forth the minimum District standards of the 3-year pilot program for the permanent installation of public art sculptures, paintings, murals and other installations. Please note that changes may be forthcoming.