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Consider joining the Westside Community Folk & Gospel Choir! Our rehearsals are Monday nights at 6:30 PM at United Methodist Church (250 California St, Santa Cruz). Our first rehearsal in Fall 2022 will be on Monday, August 29, at the church.

  • If you're interested in joining us, but you're not sure... attend our first rehearsal of the semester-- no strings attached!

  • Have any questions? Contact the director

About us:

  • The choir is comprised of people who simply love singing

  • The Westside Choir is a course at Cabrillo College designed for members of the community. The focus of each semester is to prepare a beautiful concert of music. By interacting with the selected repertoire and carefully developed lessons, students develop their vocal technique, musicianship, and performance skills. At the end, we present a fantastic concert that is open to the public.

  • No audition or experience necessary. The choir is made up of singers of all levels--from true beginners to veteran musicians.

Join the choir
Get registered

Whether you are an early bird or late to the party, don't worry! We'll get you registered.

Step 1. Apply to the college

*Students who took a class at Cabrillo in one of the previous two semesters can skip this step (remember that summer counts as a semester).

Applying to Cabrillo College is easy and straightforward. Go to the Apply/Register page on the college website and apply to the college. After you submit the application, it takes approximately 1 business day for it to be approved. When you receive a welcome email from Cabrillo, that means you're ready to register for the class.

Step 2. Choose MUS 539 or MUS 39

There is only one Westside Folk & Gospel Choir class. However, it has two "sections" that meet together on Monday nights at 6:30 PM. This is how you decide what section to choose:

If you don't want college credit, register for MUS 539.

  • ➠ MUS 539 is not for credit; students pay only the materials fee

If you DO want college credit, register for MUS 39.

  • ➠ MUS 39 is for credit; students pay both tuition and materials fee

How to register:

Step 3. Pay fees ?

To pay your tuition and/or fees, see page 3 of our step-by-step walkthrough. Once you've done this, you're finished!

Step 4. Submit COVID-19 vaccine documentation

Visit the Student Health Services webpage and upload your vaccine card.

More help
If you find yourself getting stuck...

If getting registered has you stressed out, relax, take a deep breath, and check out these additional resources.

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