The Women's Studies major is an interdisciplinary major.

Students in this major study the experiences of women and gender minorities from a variety of perspectives, including feminist theory, anthropology, cross cultural studies, history, literature, media studies, psychology, and sociology. Courses in this major enrich the student's knowledge of the historical, social, and cultural contributions of women globally, provide a feminist perspective on intersecting systems of oppression, and promote scholarly approaches to women's rapidly changing economic, legal, and political position in society from a social justice lens. Course topics include cultural representations, economic systems, gendered violence, global issues, government and social control, religion, sexuality, social movements, sustainability, women and families, and women and work.

The Women’s Studies program encourages students’ personal growth with an eye toward enacting community and social change. Students develop skills to promote a society free of ability, age, class, ethnic/racial, gender, and sexual barriers. These skills include collaboration, oral communication, understanding social issues and leading community and social change, critical reading and thinking, research, writing, and problem-solving.

Women’s Studies prepares students for careers in community organizing, counseling, education, health professions, law, media, non-profit organizations, politics, public administration, public relations and communications, social justice, social work, and more. Women’s Studies students receive wide-ranging academic preparation for additional coursework at four-year colleges and universities.

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New Course This Fall 2022!
SOC/WS 48: Gender and Science

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