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Nursing Program FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the deadline for applications?

For more information about our application process please click here: Application & Selection Information. We are not accepting applications in 2020.Due to the COVID-19 emergency crisis, future application dates for the nursing program are unknown at this time. Updates will be posted when available.

How much does this program cost?

Do I need to complete my prerequisites and general education courses before I apply?

Prerequisites must be completed before applying to the program. In process courses will be not be considered.

It is required that all science prerequisites (BIO 4, BIO 5 and BIO 6) be completed within six years of application to the program. The Cabrillo College Nursing Program will now accept the highest grade for all the Nursing science prerequisites, (Bio 4, Bio 5 and Bio 6)  regardless of when they were taken, as long as the courses have been taken within 6 years of application to the program.

The Cabrillo College Nursing Program will also accept the highest grade for English 1A, regardless of when it was taken.

Students wanting to repeat courses passed with a C or better at Cabrillo College, must file a petition to repeat and meet the repeatability criteria stated in the Cabrillo College catalog. 

All prerequisites and nursing courses must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.0 GPA) or better, except BIO 4, BIO5, and BIO 6. These courses must be completed with a combined GPA of 2.5 or better.

For more information about prerequisites please review ADN Program Prerequisites and Admission Requirements.

It is recommended that all general education requirements be completed before entering the program. Please refer to the Cabrillo College catalog for a list of these requirements. We recommend that you meet with a Cabrillo Nursing Academic Counselor to review your academic plan.

Can prerequisite courses from other schools be used?

Yes, if the school is accredited and if the course is equivalent to our requirement. Check with a counselor to determine this. Bring transcripts to the counseling appointment. For more information about prerequisites, please review the ADN Program Prerequisites and Admission Requirements.

How do I request an application to the Nursing Program?

For detailed information about applying to the Nursing Program please go to our Application & Selection Information page.

When does the program start?

The Nursing Program starts twice a year, every Fall and Spring semester.

Does a student need to meet with a counselor before applying?

We request that you meet with an Academic Counselor before applying if you have taken prerequisites at other colleges to be sure that they meet Cabrillo's Nursing prerequisite requirements. A counselor may also help you determine if you meet the minimum multicriteria points required. Please call the counseling department at 479-6274 to make an appointment with a Cabrillo academic counselor.

Is there an Advanced Placement option in the Nursing Program?

The Cabrillo College Nursing Program offers limited opportunities for advanced placement admission for LVNs, military personnel and students transferring from other nursing programs Positions are offered to advanced placement students on a space available basis. For more information please visit our Advanced Placement webpage. Advanced placement applications are accepted year round.

How do I apply if I am an LVN ?

Please review the information on our web site about Advanced Placement.

Is California residency required for admission to the Nursing Program?


Approximately how much time must one devote to the Nursing Program once enrolled?

Total hours, including study time, is approximately 60-65 hours per week.

Is there a counselor who specializes in assisting nursing students?

Yes, please call the main counseling office at 831-479-6274 to schedule an appointment with one of the nursing counselors.

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