Application, Selection and Program Requirements

The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program at Cabrillo College is a four semester program and accepts students each fall and spring semester. The next application cycle will be February 2025 for entry into the Fall 2025 and Spring 2026 Semesters. Please read this page carefully for all of the information you need to apply and review the estimated cost of the program.

Review the Requirements for Graduation and Counseling Worksheet for a good understanding of prerequisites and courses required in the program.


Admission Requirements

Please review the current admission requirements. We recommend that you meet with an Academic Counselor before applying. If you have taken prerequisites at other colleges, be sure they meet Cabrillo's Nursing prerequisite requirements. To schedule an appointment with an Academic Counselor, please call 831-479-6274.

The Cabrillo College Nursing Program also offers limited opportunities for advanced placement admission for LVNs, military personnel and students transferring from other nursing programs.

Selection Process

The Cabrillo nursing program uses a multi-criteria selection process. In addition to meeting the prerequisite criteria, points are awarded according to various components of education, experience and background.

The multi-criteria application process has two phases:

Phase 1:

  • At the close of the application cycle, all approved applicants are awarded a score according to the multi-criteria application form.

  • The top 40% of applicants from phase 1 are admitted to a random lottery. Applicants not admitted to the lottery will be notified.

  • In the 2024 application cycle, 120 applicants will be selected using the lottery process to progress to phase 2 of the application process.

Phase 2:

  • The 120 applicants admitted to phase 2 will submit a TEAS test score.

  • Points will be awarded based on the score achieved in the TEAS test.

  • The phase 1 and phase 2 points will be combined for a total application score.

  • Applicants will be ranked according to their combined score.

  • Applicants from the top 40% will be randomly selected for placement in the Fall and Spring cohorts, or the alternate list..

Any remaining spots on the alternate list (for a total of 20) will be selected at random from the remaining Phase 2 pool.


We are planning on offering the TEAS test at no cost to applicants eligible for Phase 2 the weekend of April 27th. The exact dates and times will be determined by the number of applicants who still need to submit their TEAS scores when the lottery to go into Phase 2 has been completed. Further details will be posted by the end of March.

TEAS Test score submitted with application:

Applicants may submit a TEAS test score for phase 2 when they initially apply, however it will only be assessed if they are admitted to the second phase of the application process. When submitting a TEAS test score, the highest score achieved within the last two years will be accepted.

TEAS test taken following advancement to phase 2:

Applicants admitted to phase 2 that have not yet submitted a TEAS test score will be invited to take the TEAS test and submit their result for a phase 2 application score.

***Cabrillo will use your highest TEAS score within the last 2 years of the application regardless of the number of times you have tested. Please note that this may not be the case for other nursing programs.***



The 2024 Cycle is now closed and we are processing the applications that we have received.

We expect the initial application Phase 1 review status to be available after 4/01/24.

Our next application window will occur in February of 2025 for the Fall 2025 and Spring 2026 semesters.

For future reference:

We have revised the application form which now is to be submitted ONLINE only with any required supporting documents. Applications and supporting docs are NOT to be sent by regular mail.

Please follow the directions in each category of the application for any required supporting documents. Points will not be awarded if the appropriate documentation is not submitted with the application. All supporting docs, with the exception of transcripts are to be submitted only with the online application. Please see below for transcript submission requirements.

Please use this Language verification form as the supporting document for Item #7 of the application if applicable.


As part of the application process, official transcripts showing completion of prerequisites at any colleges attended other than Cabrillo College must be submitted.

You may also choose to send transcripts showing completion of general education courses. Although general education courses are not evaluated with the application, if you are accepted in the program, these will be required for review to graduate.

Transcripts can be accepted prior to the application window and this is encouraged. If a relevant course is recently completed, please ensure this course is included on the transcript before submitting it to Cabrillo. Only official transcripts can be reviewed as part of a nursing application.

For hard copy transcript submission-

One set of sealed, official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (other than Cabrillo College) are to be mailed directly to Cabrillo's Admissions and Records Department. For students who attended Cabrillo College, transcripts are not required. Do not send unofficial transcripts, photocopies, or transcripts with opened envelopes. The mailing address is Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos 95003. ATTN: Admissions and Records.

For electronic transcript submission-

Your college may also electronically submit your transcripts to Cabrillo's Admissions and Records. Electronic submission is encouraged and must be sent from a third party website (e.g. Parchment, National Student ClearingHouse, etc.) from your previous institution to Cabrillo.

If the third party website requests an email address, please use

AP Transcripts

If you are using your AP English high school course score in place of English 1A, you will need to submit official AP scores, not a high school transcript. We will be looking for it to be a score 3 or higher. You can order your official AP scores from the College Board and list Cabrillo College as the recipient. These are electronically sent directly from the College Board to Cabrillo's Admissions and Records.

Important-please note:

Transcripts scanned and submitted with the online application will NOT be accepted. Follow the instructions above.

Applicants who have previously applied are not required to re-submit transcripts unless additional coursework has been completed. If you have completed additional coursework, submit the transcript only for the new course/courses.

Transcripts must be received by 2/23/24 when the open application cycle closes.


Applicants may submit the application without a TEAS transcript. If the applicant is selected to move to Phase 2, at that time the applicant will be invited to test at Cabrillo OR to submit a transcript showing a minimum score of 62% taken within two years.

We recommend that applicants with lower TEAS scores retake the TEAS in order to obtain the maximum points for Phase 2.

Cabrillo will use your highest TEAS score within 2 years of application regardless of the number of times you have tested. Please note that this may not be the case for other nursing programs.

TEAS scores of 62-74.9 are awarded 10 points

75-84.9 are awarded 20 points

85-100 are awarded 30 points

If you are submitting your TEAS transcript with the application, please obtain the unofficial TEAS transcript directly from your ATI account and submit it as an attachment to the application.


You may view your application status on Etrieve; however, if the application shows as pending review, please do not contact us. We expect the initial application Phase 1 review status to be available after 4/01/24.

Applicants will be emailed of their status for both Phase 1 and if applicable for Phase 2. We anticipate that the complete application review including class selection will be completed by early May.

We know you are anxious to hear about the status of your application, but please be patient and trust that we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for applying to our program. We wish you the best of luck!


2023 Nursing Program Application Cycle Statistics

  • 395 eligible applications were received, evaluated and scored for Phase One.

  • The top 40% were the applicants who scored 50 points or above in Phase One. There were a total of 165 applicants in the top 40%.

  • 120 of the 165 from the top 40% were randomly selected by lottery to advance to Phase Two.

  • At the close of Phase Two scoring, the top 40% were selected. A random lottery determined which students from the top 40% were placed in the Fall and Spring cohorts, or the alternate list. Twenty-four applicants were offered placement in the Fall 2024 class and another 24 applicants were offered placement in the Spring 2025 class. The remaining applicants in the top 40% of phase Two, and a random lottery selection from the remaining pool of Phase Two students determined a total of 20 alternates.

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