Advanced Placement

The Cabrillo College Nursing Program offers limited opportunities for advanced placement admission for LVNs, military personnel, and students transferring from other nursing programs. Please see below for the generic application forms for all Advanced Placement candidates.

LVN Applicants

The LVN application cycle is year round. There is no designated application period. We are now accepting applications.

  • All LVN applicants must complete program prerequisites, with the required G.P.A. For Human Anatomy (BIO 4), Human Physiology (BIO 5), and Intro Microbiology (BIO 6), the combined G.P.A. must be 2.5 or higher, and a G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher for English 1A. Prerequisites must be completed before applying to the program. In process courses will not be considered. There are no recency requirements for LVN applicants. Additionally a G.P.A of 2.0 in vocational nursing courses is required for entry into the Associate Degree Nursing Program (see the Cabrillo College catalog).

  • All LVN applicants must achieve 45 points on the Multicriteria admissions form (see below for form), and pass the TEAS test prior to starting the program.

  • All applicants must have an active LVN license. Must be licensed to apply.

  • LVN applicants will be admitted to the second semester of the program only on a space available basis. Qualified LVN applicants will be placed on a wait list by application postmark date. Wait List students will be notified by email each fall and spring semester with their waitlist status and space availability for the semester.

Please review the Nursing Program LVN Prerequisites and Admission Requirements and the complete LVN Admission Policy.

Advanced Placement Application forms: for LVN's, transfer students, and Military Personnel

Military Personnel

Individuals who present with relevant military education and experience equal to but not limited to Basic Medical Technician Corpsman (Navy HM or Air Force BMTCP), Army HealthCare Specialist (68W Army Medic), or Air Force Independent Duty Medical Technician (IMDT 4N0X1C) are eligible for advanced placement into the Cabrillo College Nursing Program. All nursing courses can be challenged; however, individuals must have prior relevant education and experience that meet the specific requirements of each course.

Please review the complete Challenge/Advanced Placement for Military Personnel Policy

Advanced Placement Transfer Applicants

Transfer and Challenge Policy

  • The Cabrillo College Associate Degree Nursing Program accepts qualified transfer students from other accredited nursing programs and has challenge options for persons with related education and/or experience, including military education and training.

  • Applicants will be admitted on a space available basis. All transfer and challenge applicants must meet prerequisite courses and G.P.A. requirements which are current at the time of application (see current Associate Degree Program brochure.) A minimum of a "C" grade is required in each non-nursing course listed in the Associate Degree Nursing curriculum. A prerequisite G.P.A. of 2.0 in vocational nursing courses is required for entry into the Associate Degree Nursing Program. An applicant's request for transfer credit or advanced placement will be evaluated by the nursing department which will recommend further action, plan for remediation and /or appropriate placement in the Associate Degree Nursing Program. All potential transfer or challenge candidates are to have a preliminary planning appointment with the Nursing Counselor and the Nursing Director.

Please review the complete Transfer and Challenge Policy

Transfer applicants must also meet the following criteria:

  • Transfer applicants must demonstrate that they have been separated from their previous ADN program for no more than two years in order to be eligible for transfer to our program.

  • Transfer applicants must demonstrate that they separated from their previous Nursing program in good academic standing in order to be eligible for transfer as an advanced placement student.

  • All transfer students must have passed the TEAS test prior to entering the program

Available Positions

Once accepted, students will be placed in a pool of qualified applicants. Placement in a class is based on space availability, application postmark date, and review of transcripts and syllabi of completed course work for transfer applicants.

Positions are made available to Advanced Placement applicants on a space available basis only. It is difficult to predict when or how many positions will be available to Advanced Placement applicants for any given semester.

Advanced Placement Students will be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nursing (NCLEX-RN) upon successful completion of our program.

Please email us with any questions, we’re here to help you!