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Fee Refunds

Fee Refunds

Are owed a refund?

Students may claim a refund or reversal of charges for:

  1. Classes canceled by the College.

  2. A reduced unit load of full-term courses dropped by the refund deadline.

  3. A reduced unit load within the 10% deadline for short-term courses . All summer courses are short-term courses.

  4. Fees collected in error.

    It is the student's responsibility to know Cabrillo Colleges refund policies and deadlines in requesting fee refunds. If you are unaware of your semester refund you can ask your instructor or email Admissions and Records at . All semester dates and deadlines are available on the Admissions and Records Dates and Deadlines

    The college shall not refund any fee paid by a student or reverse charges for program changes made after the first two weeks of instruction for primary term length courses or by the 10% point of the course meetings for a short-term course.

    Refund Types

    Refunds are identified and processed by the Business Office weekly, for all credits of $11 or more.

    Paid with a credit card?

    If a student paid with a credit/debit card in the last 120 days, the refund will be sent to that card. If the 120 days have been exceeded, the card is rejected for refund, or the refund is financial aid related, it will be processed via BankMobile, a third-party refund servicer.

    Receiving Financial Aid?

    If a student is eligible for a refund and the fees were paid by a federal or state financial aid program or sponsorship, the refund will be returned to the appropriate financial aid program or sponsor.

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