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Fees, Payments and Refunds

for spring 2021
Transportation Fee Scholarship

The transportation fee that was voted on by students, covers Santa Cruz Metro bus services which are in operation throughout Santa Cruz County, and transfers to Monterey-Salinas Transit, which many students still rely upon for day to day activities. However, as a result of COVID-19, the college will automatically be awarding a one-time scholarship in the same amount of the transportation fee to each student. Here's how it will work: after census, (on or around the fourth week of the semester) you will still see this fee charged on your account, but it will be 'refunded' later.  You won't need to fill anything out to receive this. 

for Spring 2021: Student Health Center Open
Your Health Fees at Work

 Although we are online, Health Center Fee will be still be charged. Take advantage of the services we're offering. Our Medical Staff and Faculty are offering remote and phone health services and mental health service/appointments as well as a limited amount of COVID testing. Your student health fees support and fund these services. Health fees can be appealed if you are a member of a faith based healing organization and complete an appeal form.

How Much Will Cabrillo Cost?

Add These Fees to Your Budget 

Students are charged enrollment tuition fees by the unit. The more units you take, the more your will be charged. Your per unit charge is based on your residency.

  • California residents pay an enrollment fee of $46 per unit
  • "Out-of-state" residents pay $46 plus an additional $290 per unit for total per unit fee of $336
  • International Students pay $46 plus an additional $290 per unit for total per unit fee of $336, and an additional $2.00 per unit for capital outlay fees.

Fees are set by the California legislature and are subject to change, even if you have already paid us. California is one of the few states in the union that continues to provide widespread access to college-level education by keeping fees low. You can participate in this and other legislative decisions that affect you by registering to vote.

Fees are due 5 days after registering for any class. Failure to pay may result in a delinquent account. If your account is delinquent you may not add more courses, drop existing courses or request transcripts. Click on Payment Options for information about paying your fees.

To pay your fees, log in to Student Finance with your User Name and password, and choose the term for which you wish to make a payment or go to our payments page to see other options.

Plan for these charges too

Additional Student Fees

Supports the Student Health Center. You may be exempt from this fee if you depend upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bonafide religious sect, denomination, or organization OR if you are attending under an approved apprenticeship program.

Supports lobbying efforts by students for their rights.*As of January 1, 2020, any student registered for classes will be charged a $2 student representation fee in compliance with AB1504. This is a mandatory fee. Any student wishing to appeal this fee will need to submit an E-form appeal petition.

The card is valid through the following Summer session for a variety of discounts. If you prefer not to pay this optional fee: you can opt-out while registering for classes online using WebAdvisor. You may also petition for a refund from Student Affairs anytime during late registration.

Cabrillo students recently held an election and voted to impose a mandatory transportation fee of $40 per student per semester ($39 for less than full time units). The fee provides each student with a bus pass valid seven days a week, providing Santa Cruz Metro bus service throughout Santa Cruz County with transfers to Monterey-Salinas Transit. Students will simply show their Cabrillo ID card with a current semester sticker to ride the bus. Stickers will be available late August in the Welcome Center (SAC West.)

Some courses charge additional fees to cover class expenses such as clay, paint, etc. See the course description in the Schedule of Classes to see whether any additional fees apply.

NOTE for Spring 2021: Due to Covid19, Cabrillo campuses remain closed. Parking will not be enforced.

Once campus re-opens...

Parking is enforced 7 days a week while classes are in session. Avoid parking tickets, pick up your parking permit at the Welcome Center before the term starts. 

Examples of fees owed by residency category

Your residency is determined by the length of time you have been in California or your visa status. Find out more about residency.