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Request Cabrillo Transcripts

Please note: Due to COVID-19 transcripts will take longer than usual to process.

Expect an additional two weeks (14 business days) for your transcripts to be delivered due to COVID-19 safety regulations. This impacts both local and out-of-state requests.  

Also, due to Covid-19 restrictions, transcripts are not available for physical pick-up at this moment. You must order your transcripts online.  

Transcripts are available for all students.

To print an unofficial listing of classes you have taken on or after 1982, log in to and navigate to "user account," "self-service, and navigate to "Grades." This will display a record of all grades issued since 1982. 

Request your transcripts online. 

All students who have attended Cabrillo College since 1995 (to present) must contact Credential Solutions to place a transcript order electronically. We no longer accept in-person orders, but you can pick up transcripts in-person in Aptos or Watsonville. You may also use our lobby computers to place an order. 

To check the status of an existing order, visit Credential Solutions Self-Service Plus.  

If you have not attended Cabrillo College since 1982, please submit a transcript request to Credential Solutions. After submitting your order, our transcript processor will send you a signature page by email. Print it out, sign it, and deliver it to us in person or by mail or fax. Once we receive this we can begin processing your order. Since we will be retrieving and copying non-electronic records, you can expect us to finish processing your order within two weeks from the date we receive your signature page.

If you have attended Cabrillo College on or after 1982, but otherwise do not have credentials, please email Admissions and Records to request login access. If you attended since 1982, some or all of your records are in electronic format. Once we verify your identity we will give you a login name and password so that you can access your records online and order transcripts. When you order transcripts through Credential Solutions there are no delays, unless your transcript includes archival records from 1982 or before.

Processing options and fees reminders:

  • You are entitled to two free transcripts during your lifetime.  
  • Transcripts only show work undertaken at Cabrillo College. If you need official transcripts from another college, contact that college directly.  
  • All fees are payable online by credit or debit card, or in person by money-order.  
  • All orders are processed on regular business days, not including weekends or holidays.  
  • All orders placed by 11:00 A.M. will be available for pickup by 2:00 P.M., Monday through Thursday. During distance learning periods, this option is not available. 
  • To ensure your privacy: You will need to show us a picture ID when picking up a transcript. If you want to pick up a transcript for someone else, please bring a signed note from them giving you permission, along with your own photo ID. Visit Student Records Privacy for more information. The note should say something to this effect: "I (student's full name) authorize (full name of person picking up the transcript) to receive my transcript on my behalf." Remember to sign and date your note.
  • Please note that if you are ordering transcripts from 1982 and prior the only delivery option is  regular 3-day processing for $7.00.  No other option is available.

Processing fees:  

Regular 3-day processing: $7.00 per transcript.  

Same-day processing: $20.00 per transcript.  

Delivery options and fees:  

If picking up your transcript at the Aptos or Watsonville campus, no additional cost.  

Please note that if you are ordering transcripts from 1982 and prior the only delivery option is  regular 3-day processing for $7.00.  No other option is available.

Electronic PDF delivery (PDF format): Additional $0.90 to a third-party recipient. No additional costs incurred if the recipient is a participating college or university. Contact Credential Solutions for further information.  

Mail to a U.S. or international address: No additional cost.  


Main 48 states: $30.00 per recipient

Alaska/Hawaii: $30.00 per recipient

International: $55.00 per recipient