Art Photography / Student Success Stories

AG Mori


Through his experience in the Art Photography program, AG Mori has rediscovered his artistic passions and skills, and learned more about himself along the way.

AG was working toward a master’s degree in statistics, and had never taken time off from school, when the pandemic hit. He says,

“For the first time in a long time I realized a strong need for a creative outlet that allows me to express myself. I hadn’t had time for artistic expression.”

He saw the opportunity to take photography classes at Cabrillo, starting with Black & White beginning class. There he found his outlet for creative expression. He says the faculty encouraged taking lots of pictures, having fun, and taking risks.

“Everything I have learned about photography is due to the program – excellent instruction, the freedom we are allowed, and good access to supplies, cameras, film, and the instructors. The encouragement to have fun and experiment is liberating and the faculty are a huge inspiration. I’m absorbing all I can.”

His work in photography has been a catalyst for AG to become more expressive. He has learned to allow himself the freedom to be more artistic and spend time on other important outlets like playing music and drawing.