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Spring 2022 Featured Courses

The Art Photography program offers courses in black and white photography, alternative processes, digital photography, studio lighting, video art, and a variety of courses that explore photography’s impact on our world.

Our classes emphasize technical skills and creative image making. We have an excellent facility and an outstanding faculty and staff. Art Photography is part of the Art Studio program in the Visual, Applied, and Performing Arts Division. All Art Photography classes transfer either to the UC or CSU systems.

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Spring 22 Photoshop Courses

Take your photography and editing skills from ordinary to extraordinary this Spring.  Learn how to use Photoshop with confidence and start creating impactful, original content for personal or professional use.  Open to any level student - from beginner to professional.

Get hands-on experience with these great classes offered online: 

AP-46A | Photoshop for Photography I

Discover tools and techniques for creating photo images using image import, manipulation, printing, and digital output. Introduces menus and tools, selection controls, retouching, global and selective image adjustments, and filter basics.

AP-46B | Photoshop for Photography II

Grow your digital photography software skills with a focus on integrating content and design principles with software techniques for fine art and commercial applications. Introduces compositing, filters, and effects.

AP-46C | Photoshop for Photography III

Master the study of digital photography with a focus on expanding creative expression and refining technical skill.

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