Art Photography

Student Success Stories


AG Mori

Through his experience in the Art Photography program, AG Mori has rediscovered his artistic passions and skills, and learned more about himself along the way.

AG was working toward a master’s degree in statistics, and had never taken time off from school, when the pandemic hit.

He says, “For the first time in a long time I realized a strong need for a creative outlet that allows me to express myself. I hadn’t had time for artistic expression.”

He saw the opportunity to take photography classes at Cabrillo, starting with Black & White beginning class. There he found his outlet for creative expression. He says the faculty encouraged taking lots of pictures, having fun, and taking risks....


Anna Newman

In two short years, Anna Newman has turned her part time job into her passion as she looks toward starting her master’s in fine arts degree. Anna was a software engineer who was downsized, so she started collaborating with corporations as an event photographer and videographer. She didn’t view herself as a fine art photographer. Then she took a black and white photography class at Cabrillo and found it to be “a new kind of art for me.”....


Jose Quevedo

Jose Quevedo was the kid who always had a camera with him. But he spent much of his adult life working in various jobs that had nothing to do with photography and weren’t great fits. A life-altering event in 2017, when he was hit by a stray bullet while walking the dog “opened my mind up, realizing I can’t do this anymore. I need to find my passion.”

An aptitude test came back with high scores in creative areas – including photography. Since he had always been interested in the arts and was still practicing photography, he thought “well, here we go.” Jose started selling his photos even before taking classes, starting in a store that sells pieces from local artists...


Emily Reynolds

After graduating from college, Emily Reynolds wondered how to make her dream of being a photographer a reality. Her opportunity came during the pandemic when she was laid off and also learned that the Art Photography program had moved online. She knew that was exactly what she needed, so she “jumped right in.”

During her first class, she started documenting how her quarantine experience affected her. She fell in love with photography and film. She was later approached to take a special studies course in the darkroom, as there were no more film classes left to take...

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