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Anna Newman

anna newman

In two short years, Anna Newman has turned her part time job into her passion as she looks toward starting her master’s in fine arts degree. Anna was a software engineer who was downsized, so she started collaborating with corporations as an event photographer and videographer. She didn’t view herself as a fine art photographer. Then she took a black and white photography class at Cabrillo and found it to be “a new kind of art for me.”

She appreciated that Cabrillo has a full art photo program. “The focus on art photography allowed me to build my technical skills but also take my work in a whole new direction,” says Anna.

Anna won second place in the 2021 Weston Scholarship Portfolio in the fine art category.

“The instructors always let students know about opportunities, things I wouldn’t have found on my own. And I wouldn’t have entered the Weston competition without the support – reminders of deadlines, reviewing my statement, and helping me build a portfolio. I now have the confidence to do this on my own.”

She decided to get into an MFA program, and she starts at the University of Nevada, Reno in the fall.

art photography building near train tracks
train with a landscape
a male standing through a large opening