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Advising Students on ADT Degrees

Recommended Steps
Resources and Links for Advising Students on ADT's

Verification of ADT's - current form

(Download - and the form is writable/type-able)

Counselors no longer need to attach the ADT verification form with all ADTs. Paper Verification only needs to be completed and sent to the CSU Admission Office if the student:

  • Is not appearing on Cabrillo's eVerify report.

  • Reported an incorrect degree on their Cal State Apply admission application.

  • Applied after January 15.

If the ADT verification form is used due to one of the reasons above, the student must then provide the ADT verification form to each CSU to which they are applying.

Counselors should:
  1. Fill out the shaded portion of the Verification of Intent form, send a copy to the Cabrillo evaluators and email the student a copy.

  2. Add the student to the ADT Student List in the google shared folder.

  3. Instruct student to send ADT Verification form to CSU Admission office.

SJSU Roadmaps for students with AA-T degrees &

Note: for SJSU - Advise completion of US History and PS 1 or 5 prior to transfer

SFSU Advising for students with ADT degrees

Note: for SFSU - Advise completion of US History and PS 1 or 5 prior to transfer