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Entrepreneurship and Business

Business and Accounting Finance

This website provides information new students will need when considering applying to the Business Program or the Accounting and Finance Program as well as up-to-date information for current students about these programs. Other resources offered by Cabrillo College and the community are also accessible at this site.

Why Business or Accounting/Finance?

The Certificates and Associate Degrees offered from this department, along with the faculty who help students develop their skills, knowledge, and judgment needed in today's world, will provide students a pathway towards successful business, accounting, and finance careers. Classes are taught by faculty who have high-quality, real-world experience.

The Business and Accounting/Finance Programs have been designed as occupational and vocational programs that include certificates, which can be completed in one year or less, and degrees that are transferable (articulated) to the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems nearby. These higher education institutions include schools such as San Jose State University, California State University at Monterey Bay, and the University of California at Santa Cruz. Both programs were developed with the assistance of the Santa Cruz County business community.

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Job Market

The job market for those with a business or accounting education is promising. Here are a few examples of jobs with high growth and good earning potential.

Below is a job title, its growth by 2026 and the median salary in Santa Cruz County, respectively.

  • Human Resources Specialist - 11.00% - $74,039

  • Sales Manager - 9.60% - $99,418

  • Financial Clerks - 11.80% - n/a

  • Marketing Manager - 15.50% - $99,214

  • Loan Officer - 10.50% - $57,185

  • Tax Preparers - 9.10% - $56,123

  • Business Operations Specialist - 12.70% - n/a

  • Accountant and Auditor - 10.90% - $74,285

View California Occupational Employment Projections

View Santa Cruz-Watsonville Metro Area Occupational Employment Projections

What You'll Find On This Website

  • All certificates and degrees our department offers

  • Core Courses needed for each certificate and degree

  • How to find an academic counselor

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Student successes

  • Internship and job recruiting sites

  • Full-time faculty biographies

Visit the Business Program website to learn more.

Visit the Accounting/Finance Program website to learn more.

Employers: Looking to Hire?

Please post a job at the Cabrillo College Employment & Internship Office. The office works with employers to post job and internship opportunities that are shared through various modes of outreach as well as directly in the classroom.

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