Computer Applications and Business Technology


Find Your Career in Computer Applications and Business Technology

CABT courses teach the specialized technology skills necessary for career growth in today’s job market. The CABT degree can lead to a career in fields as diverse as IT, human resources, public administration, marketing, medical office management, and small business administration. The skills taught by our department are in high demand in several occupations.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants provide high-level support for an office and are needed in nearly every industry. Their duties include creating spreadsheets, managing databases, and preparing presentations and reports. The median annual pay for administrative assistants was $39,850 in 2019.

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Office Assistant

Every office needs an office clerk, and their work depends on the type of office they’re working for. Typically, clerk duties include performing data entry, filing and updating documents, scheduling appointments, and sending emails. The median annual pay for office clerks was $34,040 in 2019.

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Receptionists are employed in nearly every industry, and receptionist jobs are actually growing faster than most occupations. Their duties typically consist of answering phones, receiving visitors, and other general administrative tasks. The median annual pay for receptionists was $30,050 in 2019.

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Customer Service Representative

The duties of a customer service representative vary slightly by industry. Typically, they are in charge of addressing customer questions and concerns, processing billing and payments, and providing information about the company’s products and services. In 2019, the median pay for customer service reps was $34,710.

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General and Information Clerks

General office clerks perform a variety of clerical tasks, including answering telephones, typing documents, and filing records. Information clerks perform routine clerical duties, maintain records, collect data, and provide information to customers. In 2019, the median pay was between $34,040 to $35,390.

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Financial Clerks

The duties of a financial clerk vary slightly by industry. Financial clerks usually work in offices, including bank branches, medical practices, and government agencies. Most work full time. In 2019, the median pay for financial clerks was $40,540.

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