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Earn one of eight certificates in as little as just a semester or two. We also offer one A.S. Degree. Whether you’re looking to start a new career or need additional skills for your current job, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your skills while achieving milestones along the way.

By offering these certifications, we stay focused on helping students find meaningful employment after graduation. Check out everything CABT has to offer you.

Certificates are stackable: you can earn one as you work on another! Unsure where to start?

CABT 101 (Computer Proficiency) is where many students start to gain or brush up on skills.

Certificates and Degrees



Students with the CABT Associates degree are experts in computer applications, computer technology, and office equipment. They have special training in business procedures for the modern workplace, which will assist them in solving complex problems in professional settings. Students also have specialized education in business and technical writing.

Degree requirements include completion of the CABT core courses (38-39 units) and 21 units of A.S. general education courses.

For this certificate, students learn fundamental computer skills and how to use programs such as Microsoft Word, Office, and Excel. They take courses that teach skills for business settings, such as records management, customer service, business technology, and Internet use for the workplace. Along the way, students learn crucial business procedures and how to work productively as a team member in a professional work environment.

There are 16 required courses for this certificate (32.5-33.5 units).

With this certificate, students are prepared for entry-level jobs in business and other professional workplace settings. They can effectively use the Internet and current computer applications and standard business procedures. They can also analyze business performance and solve problems. Students will learn to use a variety of office equipment such as computers, copy machines, printers, and scanners.

There are 11 required courses for this certificate, totaling 26 units. Among these are courses in records management, customer service, technical writing, and business technology.

This certificate can be completed 100% ONLINE.

Learn more about completing your BIW certificate with a group in one year in our BIW Learning Community!

With this certificate, students will gain advanced skills in effective presentations, advanced spreadsheets, QuickBooks, using a database to manage physical and electronic records, and an introduction to Customer Relationship Management platforms.

There are 5 required courses for this certificate, totaling 13 units.

This certificate can be completed 100% ONLINE.

Learn more about the BIW program.

This certificate signifies competency in entry-level professional computer skills. This includes the use of word processors, spreadsheets, Internet research, e-mail, simple web page development, and keyboarding.

There are three courses required, equaling a total of 4 units: Computer Proficiency (CABT 101), Computer Keyboarding-Alphabet Keys (CABT 110A), and Computer Keyboarding-Numbers /Symbols (CABT 110B).

Students will learn to navigate and customize Customer Relationship Management platforms for business. In addition, there are required courses in customer service/human relations, records and information management, advanced spreadsheets, and social media for business.

There are seven required courses for this certificate, totaling 16.5 units.

Students pursuing this skills certificate will become proficient in Microsoft programs and other office software. They will also learn important business-specific skills such as records management, social media, and Internet use for the workplace.

There are six required courses for a total of 19.5 units.

Not only will students learn to navigate social media platforms for business purposes, they will learn to work productively as a member of a team. Students learn how to design and produce electronic and paper-based documents. They will be able to use a variety of current computer applications.

The three required courses for this certificate are Business Technology & Procedures (CABT 100), Social Media for Business (CABT 108), and Creating a Simple Website (CABT 161), totaling 8 units.

In the CABT program, I learned the computer skills I needed to get my job. I really feel like signing up for CABT was one of the best decisions I ever made.
Griselda M.

CABT offers 43 different courses, ranging from 0-4 units. Learn more by looking at our full course listings.

We also offer open entry courses. Students taking any of our open-entry courses have the opportunity to to start up to three-quarters of the way through the term (Week 11 in fall and spring, and Week 4 in our summer session). Students set their own pace, work independently on assignments, and monitor their own progress, with the support of CABT faculty and staff. Students can expect to dedicate at least 1.5 hours a week (4.5 hours a week during the summer term). Work for these courses can be completed from home, though students need to meet with their instructor in person or by video conference for an orientation and for testing.

For more information, please attend one of the CABT scheduled orientations during the beginning of the term. Online orientations take place via video conference, and in-person orientations take place in the Computer Technology Centers, when the campus is open.

If you can't make it to a scheduled orientation, you may arrange an individual orientation. Stop by our CTC Zoom Support, the CABT staff desk in the Computer Technology Center or call (831) 479-6277, when campus is open, or email

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