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Arts, Media, & Entertainment

The Arts, Media, and Entertainment sector requires perhaps the greatest cross-disciplinary interaction.

The work has a propensity to be largely project-based, requiring both independent work and interdependent management skills for career success. New technologies are also constantly reshaping the boundaries and skill set required, leading to a constantly evolution of artistic imagination, metaphoric representation, symbolic connections, and technical skills. Careers in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment sector fall into four general pathways: Design, Visual, and Media Arts; Performing Arts; Production and Managerial Arts; and Game Design and Integration.

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Department & Programs Offered

Please visit the department websites below for more information. You may also view the multiple CTE Degrees & Certificates available within each department/program below.

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Digital Media (DM)

  • Web Media

  • Digital Publishing Program

Asian musician, producer or mixer in sound studio

Music (MUS)

  • Music Technology and Recording Arts

Job Market

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