Career Services

Career Development Classes

Looking for help with career development skills?

Cabrillo offers transfer level career development classes and tuition-free career skills certificates. These courses range in content from preparing for college and career exploration to career readiness.

Counseling and Guidance (CG) Classes

CG 51: (1 unit) Planning for Success-Introduces the tools necessary to increase academic and life success including college expectations, resources, facilities, requirements, and educational planning.

CG 54: (1 unit) Careers and Lifestyles-Facilitates the selection of a career goal and educational pathways through self-analysis, human development, and occupational exploration; utilizes assessment of human traits and life span development.

Work Experience Classes

CWEE 99: (1-3 units) Work Experience- Students can earn credit while employed at a job or internship. This course is designed for students to formally structure learning and professional development goals into their current job, internship or volunteer position and earn academic credit.

Career Skills Certificate (tuition free) Classes

DMCP 402: (0 units) Applying for the Next Great Job-Emphasizes fundamental knowledge and skills needed to prepare for seeking professional work experience. Students will streamline professional goals, prepare comprehensive employment portfolio and practice job interview skills. May be offered in a distance-learning format.

DMCP 403: (0 units) Preparing for the Next Great Job-Teaches students fundamental knowledge, skills, strategies and resources to seek professional work experience. Students will prepare for job applications and build confidence for professional interviews. May be offered in distance-learning format.

DMCP 404: (0 units) Success in the Workplace-Develop the skills necessary for success in a professional workplace environment. In this class we will explore and practice tools to provide great customer service, maximize positive working relationships and enhance productivity. May be offered in distance-learning format.

DMCP 405: (0 units) Creating Career Satisfaction-Explores how professionalism and personal accountability are key to your overall career satisfaction and success. Students develop both long term and short term goals to reach your full potential and create more balance in your life. May be offered in Distance-Learning Format.

Career Skills Certificates
Noncredit-tuition free

Strategic Job Preparation Skills Certificate: Teaches students workforce readiness skills such as resume design, interview preparation and job search tips in a self-paced online format.

Workplace Success Skills Certificate: Reviews skills employers value such as teamwork, communication and self-awareness. Through individualized exercises, students practice skills and apply them to their lives.

Contact us to find out how we can help you, your team or your students excel in career readiness through these tuition free (Noncredit) Career Skills Certificate classes. These courses can be taught in-person, virtually or online only.

Career Skills Certificates

Who are these Noncredit Career Skills classes for?

These short term- self paced courses offer anyone the opportunity to apply professional skills in real time. They are offered either as self-paced modules or live instruction that can be completed in a few weeks or even a day or two and are only 8 hours in length. The two-course certificates can be added to your resume--showing your proficiency in professional skills to any potential employer. These courses or repeatable so you can practice the skills again and again and they are graded as Pass, No Pass or Satisfactory Progress. If a student does not complete them--because they are Noncredit--the student is not impacting their Academic Progress or Financial Aid.

Employers looking for opportunities to engage in career skills awareness and action planning strategies for their employees can register staff for these classes with our help. The Career Skills series (DMCP 404-405) is a great way for employees to get introduced to Career Readiness and 21st Century Workplace Skills. The course content can be delivered in person or via zoom and CANVAS as self-paced modules completed over a couple weeks.

These courses can be offered in conjunction with for credit academic courses as a way to supplement and/or enhance a students learning while they are pursuing their degree. Students become aware of the 21st Century transferable skills employers are looking for and how to apply them along their professional journey.