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Supervisor Responsibilities

If you are an on campus supervisor, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Determine or verify allocated budget (including Federal Work Study budgets)
  • Post jobs to the Cabrillo Job Board
  • Interview and hire students
  • Complete necessary employment paperwork with students
  • Send completed paperwork to the Student Employment Center for approval prior to commencing work assignment
  • Maintain a safe work environment and provide all necessary training, equipment, and materials to perform the requirements of the student work assignment
  • Monitor the student's work hours to ensure that the student works 20 hours per week or less, does not work more than 8 hours per day, or five days Monday through Sunday, and does not work more than their allocated budget allows
  • Provide on-site supervision
  • Approve time cards and forward to Payroll Office or Financial Aid Office
  • Monitor student enrollment to ensure student is enrolled in and completes at least six units with a passing grade each semester

Hiring Process

The Student Employment Center (SEC) processes the paperwork for all student employees working on campus. There are two different processes for students to submit, New Hire or Rehire.

New Hire:

A "New Hire" is a student employee who has either not worked for Cabrillo before or has not worked at Cabrillo in the last three years. Once the supervisor has made the hiring decision, the student employee must fill out section 1 of the "Student Assistant Assignment Form" and email a PDF version to their supervisor to complete Section 2.

  • Supervisors email a PDF of the "Student Assistant Assignment Form " to and in the Subject: New Hire: Student Name. Be sure it's signed by your dean/admin and includes a budget number.

  • Once the form has been sent, the SEO will reach out to the student and send them the instructions and form for fingerprinting. All new Student Assistants must be fingerprinted and cleared prior to starting employment. At this point we're working with an off campus vendor to facilitate the process. Note: Students will not have to pay for the process.

  • The student will also receive an email from NEOGOV in order to complete

the rest of the hiring packet. All of these forms should be completed through NEOGOV and not sent to the SEO. We will also collect the appropriate I-9 documentation.

  • Supervisors will be notified by email when the employee is cleared for work.

  • New hires must attend a "New Hire Orientation"



A "Rehire" is a student employee who has worked on campus within the last three years
If a current student employee will be working on campus for the following fiscal year, they only need to fill out the Student Assistant Assignment Form.

  • Supervisors email a completed PDF of the "Student Assistant Assignment Form " to and in the Subject: Rehire: Student Name. Be sure it's signed by your dean/admin and includes a budget number.

Additional Assignment or Budget Change

Additional Assignment

  • If a student employee will be adding an assignment in a different department, they need only complete the Student Assistant Assignment Form, provided by the Student Employment Center.

Budget/Pay Change:

effective January 1, 2022

Pay Rates for Student Assistants

  • $15.00

    Student Assistant I

    This is the entry/trainee level position. Duties are those which may be readily learned by an individual with limited or no previous knowledge or experience in the work assignment. Works under close supervision and receives training on the job. Students in this category may be assigned to any department or program on campus. Performs related work as required.

  • $15.50

    Student Assistant II

    This is the intermediate level position. Duties generally require a semi-skilled individual with some training or experience. May require previous knowledge of the work area and/or experience with tools, equipment or computers. Works under close supervision. Performs related work as required.

  • $16.00

    Student Assistant III

    This is the specialist level position. Duties generally require an individual with specialized skills or abilities and experience in a specific college program or project area. Often requires ability to communicate skills or expertise to others. Works under general supervision. Performs related work as required.

  • $16.50

    Student Assistant IV

    This is the technical and specialized level position. Duties generally require an individual with technical and specialized skills or abilities and experience in a specific college program or project area. Often requires ability to communicate skills or expertise to others. Works under limited supervision. Performs related work as required.

Time Cards

The division or department is responsible for sending completed time cards to the Payroll Office or the Financial Aid Office for processing, on or before the closing date each month (usually the 20th). If a student has multiple work assignments in different departments, they must complete a separate time card for each department. Total combined hours must be less than 8 hours a day and 20 hours a week. There are two different time cards utilized on campus:

Student Employee Handbook

Student employees are an integral part of Cabrillo College and we want to make sure they have a positive experience. The Student Employee Handbook was created to help students transition into their new role.

Student Employee Handbook

Required Trainings for Student Assistants

As of Fall 2021, there are three trainings required of all student assistants:

  • Cabrillo/CalOSHA IIPP/Workplace Safety Training (IIPP=Injury & Illness Prevention Program)

  • Cabrillo/CalOSHA COVID-19 Safety TrainingPlease Note: Cabrillo College currently requires all persons to wear masks at all times in indoor spaces and when outside and not socially distant.

  • Student Employee Title IX & CANRA (Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Act) Training

Each training has different frequency rates for completion. New employees are provided this information at New Hire Orientation. Any re-certification will be announced via the Student Employment Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Employees

Yes, you can work more than one job on campus. However, the total number of hours you work weekly may not exceed 20 hours a week, more than 8 hours in a day, more than 5 days in a row Monday through Sunday. If working more than one job, it is important that your supervisors are aware of your other job so your schedule is not in violation of these requirements.

Since students are not allowed to work more than 8 hours a day, or more than 20 hours a week, students are not paid overtime wages. Students who violate this requirement may be administratively terminated.

Student and hourly job pay rates are based on the requirements of the position that is listed. There are no raises. Your pay is based on the job you were hired to do, not the length of time you have been doing the job. If possible, you may qualify for an open higher level position after you have gained experience on the job.

Not necessarily. New paperwork is required at the beginning of each fiscal year. You must complete new paperwork as of July 1st if you are re-hired for the next academic year.

You must stop working immediately if you drop below 6 units at Cabrillo College. You must maintain enrollment in 6 or more units to meet work eligibility requirements. Failure to complete 6 units with a passing grade or continuing to work after dropping below 6 units may preclude future employment as a student employee.

Yes, any generally accepted reason to discontinue employment may result in your employment with the college being immediately terminated, including:

  • Misrepresenting yourself on your application or hiring materials
  • Poor performance
  • Failure to work scheduled hours
  • Lack of available funding
  • Not following College rules and regulations
  • Submitting false hours on a time card
  • Working more than the hours allowed by the Student Employment Program

Employees are at-will and can be let go without cause.

Staff parking is not available for Student Employees. Student Employees are restricted to parking in the parking lots designated for students.

Yes, Cabrillo employees are granted a paid 15 minute break in the middle of their shift if they work at least a 4 hour shift. Lunch breaks are provided per LABOR CODE SECTION 512. (a) An employer may not hire an employee for a work period of more than five hours per day without providing the employee with a meal period of not less than 30 minutes. However, if the total work period per day of the employee is no more than 6 hours, the meal period may be waived by mutual consent of both the employer and employee.

California law and Cabrillo College policy require it. Not all positions require that you be fingerprinted. Work examples which may require you to be fingerprinted are positions requiring you to work with or around young children or the disabled, tutoring, cash handling positions, any work for Campus Police, or positions where you work with confidential information.

All student and hourly employees must be supervised by contract staff, faculty, or management. Hourly and student employees are not allowed to be supervised by other hourly or student employees. Your supervisor or their contract employee designee must be available on campus whenever the student or hourly employee is working.

All on-the-job accidents must be reported to your supervisor immediately, whether or not you seek medical attention. Regardless of how minor you may think the injury is, an accident report form must be completed. If your supervisor does not have the proper form, or is unaware of the proper procedure, please contact the Student Services office or the Student Health Center.

Your supervisor should "appoint" a temporary supervisor who is a regular contract employee of the college (not another student or hourly employee) any time that they are not physically present on campus and you are working. The temporary supervisor should be informed whenever they are responsible for you, and you should know who they are and how to contact them. Student employees are not authorized to open or close facilities and are not issued keys.

Due to liability concerns and Worker's Compensation and Cal OSHA issues, student employees are not allowed to work at home.

On-Campus Employers

To work during breaks, students must be either pre-enrolled in at least 6 units for the following full semester or enrolled in 1 unit during summer session.

You need to fill out a "Student Employee Change" form, which you can get from the Student Employment Office or on the website under Forms.